#FPQ 208: Well, Have You Got An Hour?

Kind of a nice question this week: How are you doing? Thanks for asking, Fandango

Didn’t sleep well last night: we had Sloppy Joes for dinner last night, and they attacked at 1 this morning. I haven’t had reflux like that in a while. Mary used a different sauce, a packet she mixed with tomato sauce because she didn’t have any Manwich. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted really good, but I wasn’t ready for the gastrointestinal distress that followed.

Another part of the problem was that we ate a lot later than we usually do. We had kind of a late lunch, so she held off cooking until after 6, meaning we ate at about 6:30. I’m learning why senior specials at restaurants run from 4 to 7. All’s well now; I just have a lot of writing to catch up on…

10 thoughts on “#FPQ 208: Well, Have You Got An Hour?

  1. I’m an early dinner person myself, just because I’m an early morning person and my day winds down pretty early. hope you’re feeling some relief


  2. I hear you, John – I struggle with reflux too, plus I have gallstones so have to be careful not to eat too late, and not to eat too much either (both of which I’m really bad at! ) :-)


  3. Oh I sympathise! Hubby has the same issue and cannot eat anything solid or major after around 3.30pm. I cook our main meal for between 12 and 1pm, then he’ll have soup of something light in the early afternoon. Luckily my curries and chillies are very mild, and I do a pretty mean f=ginger and pineapple chicken rather than sweet and sour. No spices or herbs anymore so when we find something that works for him, we tend to have it often.


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