Writer’s Workshop: My Top Seven Days Of The Week

My assignment this week is to answer the musical question, "Tell us about your favorite day of the week…what makes it better than the rest?" I thought about it and realized they’re all pretty good, so rather than talk about just one day, I’d talk about all of them, in the order of least to most good. A lot of my reasons are more how I remember them when I was on the road and otherwise working, because now they more or less blend into each other. Anyway…

I’m ranking Saturday seventh because it’s really kind of a "nothing" day. There are no such things as Saturday morning cartoons (though MeTV is trying to turn them into a thing again), I’ve never been a college sports fan (the bulk of the afternoon’s entertaiment), and there’s no new ptogramming on the network TV stations: they use the time to show reruns and their "magazine" shows. I spend the day in my office because Mary goes to Mass in the late afternoon. On the good side, when she comes home, we have pizza and watch The Three Stooges and the "horror" movies on Svengoolie on MTV.

Sunday used to be my big travel day, because I usually had to be at work someplace out of town on Monday. Now, it’s just kind of a nothing day. Nothing really wrong with doing nothing, as with Saturday, but there’s nothing particularly exciting about it.

Smack dab in the middle of the week, nothing particularly special about it, but not a bad day per se.

I never really tought Monday was that bad of a day: it was the beginning of the work week, and there was always something hopeful about that. By the end of Monday, I usually had a good idea of how the rest of the week would go.

Tuesday night was usually a night when my extracurriculars (e.g. Music Ministry) got together, so I’m pretty fond of the day, because I usually spent the day looking forward to the evening. Tuesday is now the day when I have most of my medical and dental appointments, which means I get out of the house.

Thursday was good for a couple of reasons: It was usually my last night in a town, so I would try and get out and enjoy myself more, and traditionally it was the best night for TV.

That leaves Friday, which was the night I would head for home. During baseball season, it’s the night that most weekend series begin. But mostly, it’s the day I breathe a sigh of relief that the week is over. Even now.

So that’s how I line up my week. How about you?

17 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: My Top Seven Days Of The Week

  1. Just checking in on how you’re doing, John!

    Read a post from you the other day at work, tried responding but it went nowhere.

    Hope that, by now, things are getting better!


    1. I’ll look for it and reply if I find it. Thanks for your concern! I’m still quite sore, not as much from the back as from the handling by firefighters of the Cobb County Fire Department, who, since I’m a “big ol’ boy,” had to assist the EMT’s in getting me in and out of the ambulances, and after I was back at the house and got stuck. God bless the first responders…


  2. I’ve noticed that when I am mainly working from home and my kids are on break from school, the days really don’t hold any real significance anymore. They all kind of run together. I do love the weekends though because Pat doesn’t have to go into work and we usually hit up garage sales together. :)


    1. I rarely leave the house anymore, and about the only time Mary goes out is Saturday to church, so we can never remember what day it is. We have to look at our phones to remember…


  3. Decent rundown. I guess I like Fridays too because I am typically somewhat productive, but know I’ve got the weekend. I wonder how much of our weekly habits are ingrained in us as schoolkids.

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  4. I have to rank Monday as the worst because it’s the start of work and I just didn’t have enough down time. Wednesday is next…I often think it’s Thursday when it’s not and I feel quite tired that day. Tuesday is next…still at the beginning of the work week and a long one. Thursday is next because, the week is almost done,….almost. Friday is not bad because, yup, it’s almost the end of the week but I have to go grocery shopping etc.. so it’s a long day. Sunday is my 2nd favourite because I am off and can still enjoy some down time. Saturday is my most favourite..love to just chill…plus I can try and get some things done…try is the operative word


  5. Sundays used to be our only possible family day (including Mass), but now I like any day with seagulls nearby. I always loved World Series baseball but with the pandemic’s long indooring, I came to watch so many televised sports that I’ve actually been missing football! (I’m a fan of the other Sox team, by the way; good, bad or impromptu Irish jig ugly, it’s mandatory!) I’m a mom and grandma of many for decades, so even when working, the weekends meant less to me than they did to others; thus, Mondays when school kicked in again (eventually) often seemed golden!


    1. I’ll watch baseball almost anytime, even if it’s the two worst teams in baseball. There are videos of old ballgames from 40, even 50 years ago. They’re really fun to watch, and it’s nice feeling like I did 40 or 50 years ago, even if I saw the game and remember they lost. There are also a bunch of videos from the TV show Home Run Derby, from 1959 I think. I like seeing the old players and the old uniforms, and how excited they were to make $50. Back then, they hardly made anything…


  6. I suppose most people like Fridays. There’s some idea you will let down and relax a couple days. Even mostly retired, it still is a good day. I always liked Sunday even though I hated Mondays and it was looming. As a family, we watched the Lions (you’d think that would make it a horrible day, but somehow it didn’t). It was a family day. We didn’t go to church real often, now and then. I sort of liked Tuesday because Monday, though horrible, got me organized (I still use Monday to make lists and get organized) and into the week and by Tuesday I felt directed and in control. So I guess those would be my favorites. Saturday was usually laundry and puttering around the house. Maybe I like that more than Tuesday. Ha. I clean house on Fridays mostly now, but that feels good somehow and we often order in Friday night.


  7. I really love Sundays and I know many people hate them because the next day is back to work for them. I like to wake up slowly, ease into the day and hopefully not have anything I have to do, just let the day unfold as it will


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