The Easter 2023 Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Old Gold spin-filter cigarettes. They have the other filters beat all hollow!

All hollow?

Happy Easter, to those of you celebrating today! I think of my mother on Easter, because she was almost as excited about Easter as she was about Christmas. She was born on Holy Saturday 1932, so all her life she was called Bunny. (Interestingly enough, Mary was also born on Holy Saturday, though many years later.) Mom also passed away on Good Friday. How’s that for symmetry?

The A to Z Challenge is in full swing, as you’ll see on the roll at the end. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented orleft me a "like." Hope you like this coming week as well as the first one.

Anyway, it’s time for…

Thanks to:

And that’s a wrap on this edition of The Week That Was.

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