Catching Up…

I have several daily writing challenges that I’ve been putting off while I try and catch up with some of the other writing I’ve needed to do. I’m feeling good having done all that, so let’s get started …

First, this week’s Share Your World:

Do you celebrate the Easter holiday and if not, do you have an alternative? I’d say we observe it more than celebrate it. We don’t have the traditional ham or leg o’ lamb, or the lamb cake, and we don’t color hardboiled eggs or buy chocolate bunnies or jelly beans. This year we didn’t even get any Marshmallow Peeps…

Do you exchange gifts or have a traditional meal? No to both. We had lasagna for dinner.

How many Easter Eggs (or alternative) did your receive/give? zero.

Was Easter a Bank Holiday in your country or did you have to work this weekend? Some companies give their employees Easter Monday off, or will offer a choice between Martin Luther King’s birthday and Good Friday as a day off. I had all of them off because I’m retired…

On to Truthful Tuesday

Do you think Easter, like Christmas, is too commercialised and goods available too early in respect of the holiday?

Compared to other holidays (religious and otherwise), Easter is very low-key. There isn’t the amount of stuff associated with it as with Christmas or Halloween. It’s not really a present-giving holiday, generally speaking. There are Easter baskets for the kids, which generally have things like chocolate bunnies, Marshmallow Peeps, various egg-shaped chocolates, jelly beans, and maybe a small gift like a Matchbox car or gift card, but it isn’t like Christmas. Then again, it’s been years since I’ve had to deal with that stuff, so it might be different now. Still, I think it’s pretty low-key.

On to FPQ

What’s your claim to fame?

Tell me if any of these fit the bill:

  • in 8th grade, I took 2nd place in a math contest and got a big ol’ trophy.
  • I was a member of a blues duet in college, C. C. John and Mojo. I was the latter.
  • I was capable of leading more training classes than any other instructor in the practice for about five years.

No? I didn’t think so.

14 thoughts on “Catching Up…

  1. Easter is my time to chill and watch the Ten Commandments. We had no turkey this year and I didn’t have chocolate but that would have been my go to choice. I don’t like peeps.
    When I was younger and living at home, my aunt and uncle would visit with their 3 kids. The Saturday night my mom would blow out the egg, clean it and we all sat around the kitchen table and painted the eggs with acrylic paints. We could create any type of egg. Even my dad got into the picture and drew something. I have a picture of him painting qith his to gue hanging out.


  2. Easter is not much different than any other day to us. We recognize Easter but don’t celebrate it. Same with Christmas though we do enjoy the time of the year.


    1. I love the significance of Easter, so we observe it, but as to the big dinner with a ham and dyeing hardboiled eggs and trashing out on chocolate, we don’t, because it’s just Mary and me. My family (Mom’s side) celebrated it big time, maybe even more than Christmas. I miss those days…

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