The Tax Time Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by king-size Chesterfield cigarettes. They Satisfy!

It’s been a busy week, but a good one. I’m glad to see so many people participating in the A to Z Challenge, whether formally or informally. (We know who you are.)

Not much in the way of anything else going on around here. Easter has come hippity-hopping through and is now long past. We never bought any Easter candy, but we had a good discussion of candy last week when one of the words I used was Jujyfruits. I always seem to get the most comments when the subject is food, especially junk food, because hey, who didn’t like that stuff when you were a kid?

Let’s move on to…

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And that wraps up this edition of The Week That Was.

14 thoughts on “The Tax Time Week That Was

  1. I just feel like I am work all the time. I get home tired, have dinner watch TV and off to sleep.
    Our Easter was quiet but I got hubby some chocolate.
    The cig ads are just …just…mind blowing because they make it sound like it gives you clean air, refreshment, and sublime. Holy cancer stick Batman! I wonder what the cost of a pack of smokes were back then. Here, it is around $15 a pack.


    1. All of them did. Mom smoked Chesterfields for years, and while she didn’t die of lung cancer I’m sure it was an aggravating factor. I smoked pretty heavily myself, but quit when I learned I had enough blood pressure for two people.

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      1. Hi John. It does amaze me that so many fols who smoked were able to get away with it. My aunt reached 81 and she smoked almost all of her adult life. She did have an aneurysm the last year or two of her life (maybe related to smoking) but she was healthy for the most part – no organ failure and her mind was there!


  2. I forgot to get any Easter candy this year. Not even a Peep! I usually get a bunch of Peeps and chocolate marshmallow eggs and this year none.

    A to Z seems to be going really good this year. I’m trying to keep up with my limited computer access.



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