Truthful Tuesday: Why Lie?

Today’s question is What is the best (or worst) fib you have told to get out of going to school/work/or somewhere you don’t want to go?

My excuses were actually pretty standard: I’m sick, wife is sick, cat is sick etc. Occasionally I’d take a personal business day, and if asked would say "it’s personal business." When I was interviewing for a job with a company based in Atlanta, I actually told my boss "I have interviews in Atlanta tomorrow." He was cool with it. I think he wanted to be rid of me…

8 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday: Why Lie?

  1. I had many mental health days when I was a corrections officer,the nice part was all io had to say was i was sick and would take 2 days at a time


  2. I can’t say I haven’t done the same: used for a “mental health day” because people got really big on that lately. Just sued it to my advantage!


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