#1LinerWeds: Thank You!

Thank you for all the comments, likes, wishes for my better health, and kind thoughts after my unscheduled trip to the Emergency Room. I had been unable to sleep for more than two nights because I sprained my back somehow and wasn’t able to get comfortable lying down. My doctor suggested that we call 911 and have them take me in to be checked out. The ER doctor tried a couple of cures, including a muscle relaxant with morphine and another with hydrocodone as well as lidocaine patches. About the best thing was the sleep I was able to get, but neither choice fixed my back. So, tomorrow we the prescriptions filled and start looking into other forms of care, such as a hospital bed, chiropractic and MFR therapy, mabe even acupuncture.

Anyway, thank you, as well as understanding my atypical absence yesterday.

Linda is the hostess for One-Liner Wedndesday. Now a word about Pall Mall cigarettes. Outstanding, and… they are mild!

26 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds: Thank You!

  1. Hey John,

    I hope you are feeling better, and I wish you the best with your back!! If need be, I could send you some additional blogs of mine…….several people have told me reading them put them to sleep!! Get Well!! ZD


  2. Somehow I missed the part about you being in the ER! Sorry you’re having back pains; they’re really problematic. I speak from experience … arthritis and spinal stenosis. No walk in the park. Take care, John. I hope you find some good relief!

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  3. Hi John – wishing you well – while I hope you can resolve the back problem – very uncomfortable – take care and with thoughts to you both – Hilary

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  4. Speaking from four pregnancies as well as from sudden weight loss and from son’s sudden height gain (and perhaps these days from bones settling..!), it seems that sometimes our center of gravity simply shifts and the back seems not ready for the body to move in that different way. (My own recent back issue out of the clear blue was so weird and so intense, I couldn’t entirely blame it on lifting/aging/a crap bed– I couldn’t help thinking it may be one more unprovable joy from having had COVID at least once.) Whatever, though, here’s hoping there’s a solution for you soon, and decent sleep/waking meanwhile. 🌹


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