#atozchallenge: Rejuvenate

After my day in the hospital the other day, I feel rejuvenated, almost young again. I mean, I’m not, and the changes I’ve had to make to my life (chiefly a hospital-type bed and a temporary life on one level of the house) seem like things that have taken me back a step, but I see them as positives. They’re steps to a different life, one that I haven’t tried, and which I’m anxious to embrace.

In similar fashion, we’re looking at changes we want to make to the house. The bathroom in the master bedroom is kind of small and cramped, almost too small for a vanity, toilet and shower. We’re talking about reducing it to just a shower room. She wants the shower at floor level, so that I’m not doing any climbing up a step or over the edge of a bathtub to use the shower. We’re also looking at widening the door in the event that I find myself on wheels in the future.

As for the bedroom itself, we’re finally replacing the bed and frame and disposing of the furniture we don’t need. That will make it much less crowded and easier for me to get around in.

Making plans for the house and how we want to rejuvenate it makes me feel happy. It’s like we’re changing it for who we are now.

What sorts of things have you done to rejuvenate your living spaces and/or lives?

21 thoughts on “#atozchallenge: Rejuvenate

  1. I really want to put a Heli-pad on the roof……….but at the moment, the roof won’t support the weight, the city won’t allow it, the neighbors will go ballistic, and I can’t afford the helicopter. Construction starts tomorrow! ZD


  2. “makes me feel happy. It’s like we’re changing it for who we are now.” that’s a great way of looking at it!
    Rejuvenation indeed…


  3. Unbeknown to us at the time (about a decade ago) Ed and I relinquished the second floor (two small rooms) of our small house to our adult son who lives with us. As 10 years makes a big difference in the lives of babies and over-50s, we’ve found the ground floor life conducive to easing (especially my husband’s) health and mobility concerns. Bathroom, beds, and access to backyard are all mere steps away. We were ready and didn’t know it. Glad you’re zigging while life has zagged for you. Best wishes!


  4. A few years ago we remodeled our front bathroom, which was small, and took out the bathtub. I hate baths. Having just a walk-in shower is wonderful. Our house is all one level so we don’t have to worry about that. If we really had some money we’d redo the kitchen and maybe extend the bedroom in the back. (Just recently learned that it is not correct to say “master” bedroom/bathroom anymore. Correct term is “primary bedroom/bath.)


    1. We have three bathrooms in the house (two that came with it plus one we added, and we almost never used the bathtub. We put spare toilet paper and things like the plunger in there. Our ultimate plan is to replace that with a shower as well.

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  5. Excellent word for your Challenge. We did a big project at the beginning of last year where we redid our master bedroom and bath. The process was a nightmare. Seemed like those workers were here forever. It was a big inconvenience for us, but now it looks pretty nice. Rejuvenation is a good thing for us now and then.



  6. Funny you should ask. We aren’t yet where we need to be all on one level, so we plan to enclose our finished basement to make two guest rooms to achieve some privacy for them. But probably won’t get to it until winter. Instead, we’ll paint our stained brown house (my mother stained it about 1985) — I love it but it’s so hard to keep stained and it’s looking tired. White with a metal roof and stained columns out front instead with stained accent boards, stained front door, and maybe a Bahama shutter over one jutting window (or an awning) — also stained. A couple new metal and mesh window boxes, I think. We’ll start in May. I’m excited about it, too.

    I am so amazed at your ability to make lemonade out of lemons–am sure that will wear you well. And your plans to make the bath and bedroom work sound great. Actually, rearranging rooms or changing our surroundings always feels like a new adventure, a new beginning. So I get how you feel. And of course, it will be easier.

    My dad had a hospital bed and lots of gear all on the main level and every time we made something easier, it helped. I’m not sure he had your frame of mind about it, though. Too bad. You should post some pictures. We never get to see Mary, either. But I have a picture what she must look like in my mind…

    Happy Friday, John.


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