He Makes The Scene When Things Look Mean #socs

I knew there was a line about "making the scene" in the opening of some cartoon series from the ’60’s and ’70’s…

"Making the scene," the Free Dictionary, means either to attend an event or to correctly assess a situation. A third explanation is that you participate in some kind of activity, like the volleyball scene or the drug scene.

Barney Kessel, Joe Brown, and Shelley Manne explored the music scene for us in 1960 with an album called The Poll Winners. Not sure what poll or polls they were talking about, but it seemed to be an annual event for them. From the original album, here’s "Misty."

Linda Hill is your hostess for Stream of Cnsciousness Saturday. Now a word about L&M filter cigarettes. Make today your big red-letter day!

6 thoughts on “He Makes The Scene When Things Look Mean #socs

  1. I think I qatched a few episodes of that show not that I remember any of it. I didn’t know that was the meaning behind that saying. Good easy listening tune


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