Top Ten Tuesday: WQSR (105.7 FM, Catonsville MD), 4/29/83

WQSR has moved from 105.7 FM to 102.7 FM in Baltimore, Maryland (Catonsville is a suburb) and is now called "Jack FM," which indicates that there are no disc jockeys, only an automated voice named "Jack." Those folks at iHeart Media really know how to cut costs…. anyway, here’s their Top Ten from April 29, 1983.

10 – Al Jarreau, “Mornin'”

9 – Kenny Loggins, “Heartlight”

8 – Laura Brannigan, “Solitaire”

7 – Bob Seger, “Even Now”

6 – Bryan Adams, “Straight From The Heart”

5 – Toto, “I Won’t Hold You Back”

4 – Dexy’s Midnight Runners, “Come On, Eileen”

3 – After The Fire, “Der Kommissar”

2 – Greg Kihn Band, “Jeopardy”

1 – Michael Jackson, “Beat It”

You can find today’s songs as a playlist here. That’s Top Ten Tuesday for April 25, 2023.

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WQSR (105.7 FM, Catonsville MD), 4/29/83

  1. There is a radio station near me that calls itself “Bob FM.” It too, has no DJs, just an automated voice knownas “Bob.”
    Gosh, those songs are 40s years old now!


  2. “Come On Eileen” is an ’80s tune I feel holds up pretty well – can’t necessarily say that anymore about many other songs I liked back then.

    Also, every time I hear After the Fire’s rendition of “Der Kommissar”, I think the original by Austria’s Falco was much better! :-)


  3. I know the top 6 songs but not the others. Love Midnight Raiders song. The Beat It song was a biggie and this when Jackson still had a face


  4. John – I just know I will be singing “Come On Eileen” all week now. I love that song, but it is one of those tracks that lodges in my mind and is hard to resist singing along to.

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