Five For Friday: “Brass On Ivory”

I’ll give you ten (okay, eleven) this week, since I kind of blew off last week…

Henry Mancini teamed up with Tonight Show musical director, leader of the NBC Orchestra, and trumpeter extraordinaire Doc Severinsen on a couple of albums in the ’70’s, 1972’s Brass On Ivory and 1973’s Brass, Ivory, And Strings.

One of the comments on "Brass On Ivory" said

I recall when this album first came out. It was around ’73 or ’74 and I was a 17/18 yr old kid with an old soul. Henri Mancini was a guest on The Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson. Doc Sevrinsen was the band leader for the Tonight Show back then. They played a couple of tunes from this album and I went out and bought it the following week.

I didn’t leave it, but it was almost exactly my experience. I got the album for Christmas…. Here is Brass On Ivory.

Brass On Ivory


Brian’s Song


Willow Weep For Me


Poor Butterfly


Never My Love

We’ve Only Just Begun

Soldier In The Rain

If you prefer a playlist, you can find it here. That’s Five For Friday for April 28, 2023.

10 thoughts on “Five For Friday: “Brass On Ivory”

  1. Soothing and it just shows how great Doc was with the trumpet. How old is he now? He is last of the big 3…Carson, McMahon and him. I think I recall him playing the Carpenters song on the Johnny Carson show or that’s just my mind playing tricks


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