MMMM: “Medicine Man” Times Ten

So, today, the prompt is "Music is Medicine for the soul. Build a playlist with songs that is emotional soothing or pick song titles or bands relating to medicine," sent to us by Tom over at SPMM, whose blog you should immediately go over and follow before you get to my playlist. I’ll wait…

Okay, back so soon? Good! I started out building this playlist by remembering that there was a song back in the archives called "Medicine Man" by The Buchanan Brothers. I found it on YouTube, and darned if I didn’t find a whole boatload more called "Medicine Man." Before I got through, I had ten songs, which everybody knows is the international standard for a playlist. Okay, the one by Keb’ Mo’ is "The Medicine Man," but I’m not getting picky. If you are, then go out and find another called "Medicine Man." There are at least three or four more. For those of you that prefer a real playlist, it’s right here. Knock yourself out!

The Buchanan Brothers, “Medicine Man (Part 1)”

Elles Bailey, “Medicine Man”

Keb’ Mo’, “The Medicine Man”

Dorothy, “Medicine Man”

Johnny Winter, “Medicine Man”

Katmandu, “Medicine Man”

Whitesnake, “Medicine Man”

Michael Martin Murphey, “Medicine Man”

Bobby McFerrin, “Medicine Man”

Aldo Nova, “Medicine Man”

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for May 1, 2023.

Monday’s Music Moves Me is sponsored by Marie, Cathy, Alana, and Stacy, so be sure and visit them, where you can also find the Linky for the other participants.

17 thoughts on “MMMM: “Medicine Man” Times Ten

  1. What a selection – I knew the grand total of zero of these. A lot of variations here, too. And that gif at the beginning. It had to come from some strange movie (?) but it sure fit the theme.


  2. I had no idea there were so many songs eith this title.
    This is the first time I didn’t know any of these! Am I surprised? Nope ‘cos you know most of these songs are more heavy metal in a way…not all. I like the countryish one but didn’t know any. Now I do!


  3. John,

    I’m on your playlist for the second or third time. I had it going the other times to only get dragged away to do other things.It’s just one of those days. Anywho, I’ll do my best to pay attention to this go around. :) I can’t believe you found this many Medicine Man song titles. I surely wouldn’t expect this but am happy that you did and you introducing me to a lot of new ones no doubt. Now, I’m going to continue soaking up the music. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!


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