#atozchallenge: 2023 Reflections

Theme: Words containing J


One of the first challenges I took part in as a blogger in 2012 was the A to Z Challenge. I had a great time then, and I’ve had a great time doing it every year since. One year, I had so much fun that I did two whole challenges that year. I hadn’t intended on it, it’s just that April 1 was a Monday, and I decided I would use songs that start with the letter A for Monday’s Music Moves Me, and everyone thought that was my theme (my actual theme was Portmanteaus). So I did both…

Most of my themes are word-based: I choose words that share an attribute, such as this year, where I chose words that had the letter J in them. This was similar to a couple of years ago, where, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Challenge, I chose words that had the letter X in them. I think next year I might go without a theme, just to be different.

I enjoyed working with the "team," namely J, Tarkabarka, JR, and "Mr. A to Z," Arlee. God willing, we’ll all be back again next year. And thanks to our unnamed graphics person, who did an outstanding job putting the graphics together.

I’d like to officially congratulate all who signed up for the challenge and finished, and give a hearty pat on the back to those who started out with the best of intentions and had life intervene. I almost found out what that’s like this year. Also, I’d like to unofficially congratulate Fandango, Jim, Barbara, Paula and all the others who decided to do this year’s challenge "unofficially," i.e. without signing up via the official signup sheet.

And… that’s all for now. I’m the unofficial "tour guide" for the A to Z Road Trip! Details on May 15 on the main blog!

16 thoughts on “#atozchallenge: 2023 Reflections

  1. Thanks to seeing your post about it, I started the challenge without signing up. I couldn’t figure out how to, as it was April 1st. So I was a A to Z rebel and did it anyway. It was fun and definitely a challenge.


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