Top Ten Tuesday: WHOU (1340 AM, Houlton, ME), 4/29/67

WHOU in Houlton, Maine (I wish they’d spell it right) is now an FM station broadcasting on 100.1. They switched to classic hits in 2018, and are also members of the Boston Red Sox Radio Network and broadcast local high school baseketball games. Here is their Top Ten from April 29, 1967.

10 – Martha & The Vandellas, “Jimmy Mack”

9 – Sandy Posey, “What A Woman In Love Won’t Do”

8 – Turtles, “Happy Together”

7 – The Five Americans, “Western Union”

6 – The Monkees, “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You”

5 – The Supremes, “The Happening”

4 – Frank & Nancy Sinatra, “Somethin’ Stupid”

3 – Roger Miller, “Walkin’ In The Sunshine”

2 – Engelbert Humperdinck, “Release Me”

1 – Whistling Jack Smith, “I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman”

You can find this Top Ten as a playlist here. That’s Top Ten Tuesday for May 2, 2023.

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: WHOU (1340 AM, Houlton, ME), 4/29/67

  1. This was a fun list to listen to. Funny, I never would have thought that the #1 would be that Kaiser song. I do like the song with Sinatra but their voices don’t mesh as well as Nat King Cole and his daughter. Now, yes, Natalie sang it with a lot of help from the tech people dance her dad was long gone by that point but I just don’t think Nancy and Dad S jelled as well.


    1. They can do so much with technology these days. My guess is that, if they still had the masterb tapes from the Frank and Nancy session, they could clean it up, too. the quetion is, would you want to?


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