A Digga-Digga Bowlful #socs

Linda told us to take a song from our childhood and take it from there. Sure, I could use a song like "The Farmer In The Dell," "The Wheels On The Bus," "Up In The Air, Junior Birdmen," or songs like that, but that wouldn’t exactly capture my childhood.

See, my brothers and I watched a lot of TV growing up. We’d go home for lunch and turn on the TV, where we’d see commercials like this one.

And this one.

And we’d come home from school and put the TV on, and see commercials like this.

And this.

During ballgames, we’d see commercials like this.

And this.

And in the evening, we’d hear TV themes like this.

And this.

This is where we got our childhood songs from. And, much to the chagrin of educators and "child advocates," we ended up fine.

30 thoughts on “A Digga-Digga Bowlful #socs

  1. I grew up with Oscar Meyer too but different commercial. I recall Ring Around The Collar, Karl Maldon saying, ” “Don’t leave home without it.”
    My tv shows was Gilligan’s Island, Star Trek and Lost in Space. So many fond memories.


    1. Johnny Carson did a great sendup of mid-’70’s commercials…

      John Williams, then known as Johnny Williams, wrote the theme for “Lost In Space” and several other Irwin Allen TV shows and movies…


  2. I have trouble remembering almost everything these days, but I remember the words to all of those commercials and TV show theme songs. I can (and do) drive my kids crazy when the situation calls for it by singing commercial jingles from my youth.


    1. Mary says the same thing about Motown songs from 50-60 years ago. She can’t remember why she went to the basement or the kitchen, but she remembers all the words to all the songs.I think we remember them because they were associated with happy times.

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    1. I was a little later than that, but the sentiment is the same. The TV was magic, where we got our news, information, and enertainment. Of course, now we have the Internet for that, but it’s not the same.

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    1. Why do you think I posed all those questions about “experts” a while back? One of the great fallacies of progressivism is the notion that, for every one of society’s ills, there are expetts who can fix them. Number one, a lot of them don’t know and are just taking a shot in the dark, hoping it’ll somehow fix the issue, and number two, we (the great unwashed) end up suffering while they try to solve the problem. It’d be nice if they just had the humility to say, “hey, we don’t know, we’re going to try this, and if it doesn’t work in a short period of time, we’ll go back to the drawing board and think of something else.” Edison, one of the smartest men the earth has ever brought forth, used to say “I know a hundred ways that it won’t work.” Compare that attitude to the one displayed by those placed in charge of dealing with covid-19…

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  3. I still sing the Oscar Mayer song on occasion, John, although I stopped eating their hot dogs a long time ago. I agree that there were so many commercials and TV theme songs that got into our heads and never left. While Green Acres was never my favorite show, I know its theme song by heart. For me, that was the best part!

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