Song of the Day: Cliff Carlisle, “Rocky Mountain Sweetheart”

Country music singer and songwriter Cliff Carlisle was born on this day in 1903. Brother of country music star Bill Carlisle, Cliff was a singer and yodeler who was a pioneer in the use of the Hawaiian guitar in country music. "Rocky Mountain Sweetheart" is from 1931.

4 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Cliff Carlisle, “Rocky Mountain Sweetheart”

  1. You can hear blue grass and even the blues. I’m one who likes yodeling but normally I the folk songs from Germany and Austria. He does it very well.


    1. Some of the best yodeling I’ve heard is done by a Ukrainian girl named Sofia Shkidchenko…

      She’s off to Berklee College of Music next year.

      Cliff is a good yodeler, as was Hank Williams. It used to be a regular thing among country singers. I think Roy Rogers or Gene Autry was a good one…


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