Song of the Day: Donovan, “Sunshine Superman”

Happy 77th birthday to legendary Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan Leitch, better known as just Donovan. His music blended folk, jazz, pop, psychedelic, and world music. "Sunshine Superman" is the first #1 hit in the US on the Billboard and Cash Box surveys, and it reached #4 in the UK.

22 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Donovan, “Sunshine Superman”

  1. Donovan always makes me think of the movie,”If it’s Tuesday This Must be Belgium.” He was part of the hippy sect the teen girl found when in Switzerland, I believe and he sang the title song. I can’t think of him as old…weird.


  2. I always loved that song! My guitar teacher relatively early on showed me to to play “Colours.” It’s three chords only and relatively easy to master when you’re still relatively new to the instrument. I also remember learning “Universal Soldier” and “Atlantis.”


  3. Yea this is great.. I like his folk period and this period. The man was great with a melody…and probably still is.


  4. Hi John – great song … and we have sunshine today … lovely – thanks for the memories of Donovan … cheers Hilary


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