Writers Workshop: Practice What You Preach

Our last prompt for today was "Look into your archives. What were you blogging about a year ago around this time? Are you still dealing with the same thing? Your thoughts?"

Well, wouldn’t you know it: when I went back to exactly one year ago, I found this, where I said that, because of some product decisions they made, I was going to switch from Google Chrome as my browser to one less prone to taking my personal information and using it for their own nefarious purposes. Then, I realized that I was, in fact, back to using Google Chrome as my browser.

Why, you ask? Because most software developers creating browser extensions create them first for Chrome, because more people use Chrome than any other browser. In some cases, they then forget to develop extensions for any other browser except for Microsoft Edge and Safari, the ones delivered with Windows 11 and MacOS.

Fortunately, the Brave browser is built on the Chrome code base, and thus the extensions written for Google Chrome also work on Brave. I’ve had Brave installed for a while, and it was a simple matter to shut down and uninstall Chrome and make Brave my browser du jour. I figure, the less I allow Google into my life, the less opportunity they have to take my personal data and do nasty stuff with it.

I tend to change browsers almost as often as I change my underwear, so who knows what I’ll be using next year at this time?

10 thoughts on “Writers Workshop: Practice What You Preach

    1. Chromium, on which Chrome and Brave are based, is a pretty good browser. It’s all the stuff Google puts into Chrome (trackers and such) that are the problem. The transition from Chrome to Brave was effortless, because they’re essentially the same. Plus the Brave search engine works just like DuckDuckGo’s.


  1. Bah humbug to Chrome! I switch browsers often, as well. I still like Vivaldi the best even though it takes a while to set up. I just started using Opera, which I like almost as much as Vivaldi. Next is Firefox and I don’t use the Edge at all.

    I read Opera, Safari, Edge, and Vivaldi help increase battery life which is important to me since I use a laptop.


    1. I’ve tried Vivaldi, but as you say it takes a while to set up and I’m an impatient sort. Opera is good, too; I’ve used that on and off.

      Safari and Edge were optimized for MacOS and Windows, respectively. Edge wasn’t bad, although there were a few sticking points with it on the Mac. I’ve never liked Safari, though I have used it (there are times nothing else will work). Nothing particularly exciting about it….

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  2. I think the only way not to have personal stuff on this is to not be on the internet at all. My hubby is not on and has no cell phone. He tells people to call our home phone or send smoke signals.


  3. Like you, I’ve tried to switch off Chrome several times. Initially because it was such a memory hog. Then the privacy issues. I dislike Safari on my desktop – a lot. I will use it on my iPad. I tried Brave and there were some things that just wouldn’t work (like getting credit for purchases – I use Coupon Cabin). That said, between Google, Facebook/Meta, and Apple, I have no expectation of privacy. Plus, I’ve been writing content for the web since 1996 when Scott Kurnit developed The Mining Company (About.com). I’m splashed everywhere (under more than one name). LOL!


    1. I have never warmed up to Safari, and I’ve been Apple over sixteen years now. I use it mostly when I can’t get something working on whatever my current browser is…

      Whatever happened to About.com?


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