I Got An Idea… #socs

Linda might have given me an idea for next year’s A to Z Challenge when she came up with this week’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday, "starts with over." Like a couple of years ago, when I used words that started with re- followed by the letter of the day, or another year when I used ex- followed by the letter of the day…

  • overactive
  • overbearing
  • overcompensated
  • overdressed
  • over easy (?)
  • overflow
  • overgrowth
  • overhead
  • overindulge
  • overjoyed
  • overkill
  • overlay
  • overmanage
  • overnight
  • overopinionated
  • overpopulated
  • overqualified
  • overrated
  • overstated
  • overt
  • overused
  • overvalue
  • overwhelming
  • over(e)xtended
  • over you (?)
  • overzealous

Is this a great idea, or what?

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you this week by Pall Mall cigarettes, for particular people. Outstanding! And… they are mild!

40 thoughts on “I Got An Idea… #socs

  1. I’m overwhelmed with your idea and love the theme. That cigarette brand has been around forever but I have been saying it incorrectly…I was saying it like I’m going to the mall…


  2. I believe you’re overthinking and overestimating this idea. But then… what do I know? I’ve always been overly impressed with my own opinions.

    ~ D-FensDogG


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