MMMM: Chris Standring

One of my favorite "smooth jazz" artists is British-born, Los Angeles-based guitarist Chris Standring. He started playing classical guitar when he was six, and, although he was a jazz fan, it wasn’t until he started attending the London College of Music that he started improvising and got totally immersed in the genre. He has 14 studio albums and a live album, many on his own record label, Ultimate Vibes Recordings. I love his tone, his use of octaves, and the laid-back grooves of his songs. Here are ten of them, which, if you prefer, I’ve gathered into a playlist.

Oliver’s Twist


Sneakin’ Out The Front Door

Pandora’s Box

Shake You Up

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Static In The Attic

Love Street

Face To Face

Fast Train To Everywhere

I hope you’ve enjoyed Chris Standring. That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for May 22, 2023.

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20 thoughts on “MMMM: Chris Standring

  1. So SORRY I didn’t make it here last week, but my back was acting up & I just couldn’t sit long enough, but I FINALLY made it even though I’m a week late… truly very sorry! Dude, did you go to school for music. I swear you know more about music than the musicians know! You’re awesome! At least if I have a question I know who to come too! My friend I’ll be back to see today’s blog also, but for now have a great day my friend! Marie


    1. If you like Ottmar Liebert, there’s a guy named Estas Tonne that sounds a lot like him. I saw a blog post recently about him, and saw a couple of his videos, and was quite impressed.

      Chris has had a lot of different influences, including a lot of rockers. You can hear Latin, rock, jazz, and even the odd world music influences in his playing. Seems like a great person, too.


    1. There’s plenty more where that came from. He’s had a pretty prolific career – 16 studio albums, one live album, and two compilations – so there’s plenty more to hear. Glad you liked it!


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