Share Your World, May 22, 2023

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Di has the quesetions, I have the answers and the GIF’s to prove it…

Growing up, were you closer to your mother or father, or was it a balance of both depending on the circumstances? By default, I think my mother, since Dad died when I was almost 11 and there were a couple of years where they were separated.

What was your favorite toy as a child, and do you still have it? Like Paula, it was a Spirograph, which I called an Agnewgraph because Spiro Agnew was the Vice President of the US at the time. I haven’t seen it in years.

Did you have any secrets? I can’t say. It’s a secret.

What did you want to be when you grew up, and are you anywhere close? A cab driver, a policeman, a disk jockey, an ad man, a musician… The closest I’ve gotten to any of them is disk jockey, and that’s what this blog is about (most of the time).

That’s what I got. See ya!

16 thoughts on “Share Your World, May 22, 2023

  1. I was closer to my mom. My dad was 51 when I was born. He was so good when I was little but when I was a teen he was in his 60s. He grew up dirt poor and tough. I am like my dad so we butted heads and he could be cruel with his words. I know I was no picnic but being called a lazy son of a bitch often gets to you. He also told me he wished I was never born or at least a boy then I’d be worth something.
    My favourite toy?? Lite Brite. Also my Dawn dolls they were like miniature Barbies. I still have them.
    I have a secret or 2….but they are still secret.
    Always fun to answer these.


    1. My brother Pat’s dad was in his 50’s when Pat was born. Fortunately, Pat had a loving relationship with his dad. I hear what some kids had to deal with and realize I really dodged a bullet…

      I remember Dawn dolls, or at least the commercials for them….


  2. Very good answers. I was awful at the spirograph but I kept on trying. Still never really mastered it the way my brother did. The secret answer & gif has to be my fave this round. Haha


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