Song of the Day Extra: RIP Tina Turner

Just received the sad news that Tina Turner, "The Queen Of Rock & Roll," passed away today at the age of 83. She and her ex-husband Ike were a successful act in the ’60’s and ’70’s, but his abuse forced her to leave him and work where she could until, at 44, she relaunched her career as a rock diva with her 1984 album Private Dancer. Here is the title track from that album.

Rest in peace, Tina Turner.

39 thoughts on “Song of the Day Extra: RIP Tina Turner

  1. I was thinking about her last week. I was thinking how she was because I know she wasn’t well but I thought, ” she’ll be the next to go but hope not. It was just a passing thought and now look. She was in such great shape that I thought she’d last forever.


  2. Hi John – she called her ‘word’ Endurance … seems very true – I still don’t know all the horrors she had to endure. Amazing lady … cheers Hilary


  3. So sad, such an extraordinary artist. And what an incredible comeback with “Private Dancer” 8 years after she fled from her abusive husband with 36 cents and a Mobil card! I’ve written up something for tomorrow.


  4. Tina Turner was one of a kind – a singer, a survivor of severe domestic abuse, and a star like few others. Yes, may she rest in peace. Our loss, rock and roll heaven’s gain. Alana ramblinwitham


  5. I can’t believe it’s been so many years since she came back and got away from Ike. I saw her live with Joe Cocker in 2000….incredible show.


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