Five For Friday: Eyes

I had originally done a playlist called "Eyes" that seems to have been deleted from my YouTube account (or I just can’t find it), so I’ve been rebuilding one on Spotify and finding all kinds of songs I hadn’t seen before. Anyway, I thought I’d choose five songs from that list and share them with you. If you use Spotify and can find the playlist, take a look and see what songs you might add to it. Today’s songs are all in this YouTube playlist.

Nathan Colberg, “Sunset Eyes”

Loggins & Messina, “Angry Eyes”

The Doobie Brothers, “Dark-Eyed Cajun Woman”

B. J. Thomas, “Eyes Of A New York Woman”

Bing Crosby, “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes”

And that’s Five for Friday, May 26, 2023.

17 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Eyes

  1. I like your picks and what an about face with Der Bingle in there. I wish I knew how to input a video here but ABBA has “Angel eyes” and then, one of my favs is “April in her Eyes” by Chris DeBurgh.


    1. I have the Chris DeBurgh song in my list already, but I’ve added “Angel Eyes” by ABBA and a song with the same name by a country act called Love and Theft. Thanks!


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