Oxymoron #atozchallenge

Oxymoron is a word formed from the Greek words ὀξύς (oksus), “sharp, pointed, keen,” and μωρός (moros), “dull, stupid, foolish.” An oxymoron is a contradiction in terms. Even the word is a contradiction in terms (i.e. “sharp dull”). We mostly think in terms of comical oxymorons, such as jumbo shrimp educational television military intelligence business … Continue reading Oxymoron #atozchallenge

Bric-A-Brac #JusJoJan

Pamela, from Butterfly Sand (hi, Pamela!) provided today’s prompt, “curiosity.” Curiosity is obviously important to her, because the subtitle of her blog is “Curiosity run amok.” Curiosity isn’t why I started blogging, but it’s the reason I kept blogging. I’m curious about a lot of things: music, television, baseball, my own life and times, and … Continue reading Bric-A-Brac #JusJoJan