Five For Friday: Recent Purchases

I’ve bought a few new things recently, so I decided to share some songs with you. I’ll tell you a little about each as I play them for you…

  1. Lari Basilio, “Fearless”: Brazilian guitarist Lari Basilio, my favorite new rock guitarist, has a new lavender guitar from Ibanez and an album that just came out today, Your Love. This is the lead track from it. Vinnie Colaiuto plays drums on the whole album, and Sean Hurley splits bass guitar duties with bass guitar great Lee Sklar. I preordered it a few weeks ago, and it’s definitely been worth the wait.
  2. Chris Standring, “Change The World”: His latest album, Simple Things, came out a couple of months ago, and is a joy from bveginning to end. This is the first single and video. It’s a tie as to what convinced me to buy the album, the song or the video…
  3. Chicago, “If This Is Goodbye”: I haven’t bought a Chicago album in a while, but “Harmless Dave,” who’s The Real Music Observer on YouTube, told everyoine who would listen that this Chicago album, Born For This Moment (aka Chicago 38) sounded really good and recommended it highly. Chicago music legend and the busiest man in rock ‘n’ roll Jim Peterik wrote this and helped with this album.
  4. Alan Parsons, “Fare Thee Well”: Another Harmless Dave recommendation was Alan Parsons’s latest album, From The New World. I’ve never bought an Alan Parsons album, but I took a shot with this and I’m glad I did. The album features guest appearances from Joe Bonamassa, Tommy Shaw from Styx, David Pack from Ambrosia, and James Durbin.
  5. Tommy Emmanuel and Mike Dawes, “Fields Of Gold”: In my travels today, I learned that acoustic guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel is coming out with an EP next month, Accomplice Series Volume 3 with Mike Dawes. Here’s a lovely arrangement of Sting’s “Fields Of Gold.”

And that’s Five For Friday, August 5, 2022.

Five For Friday: J. J. Cale

Sat down to work on this and took a nap instead…

I went back through the Two For Tuesday archives and discovered that I had written about singer-songwriter J. J. Cale nine years ago, shortly after his death. He wasn’t as well known as a performer, but everyone from Eric Clapton to Waylon Jennings to Lynyrd Skynyrd played his songs, and he did release 14 studio albums over his career. I thought that today would be a good day to remember him, so here are five of my favorite songs.

  1. Call Me The Breeze
  2. Crazy Mama
  3. After Midnight
  4. Lady Luck
  5. Magnolia

J. J. Cale, your Five For Friday, July 29, 2022.

Five For Friday: Yemi Alade

Deezer informed me that Yemi Alade (Ah-la-day) had a new single out today, "Begging," so I thought I’d feature her. She’s an Afropop singer from Nigeria who sings in English, Igbo, Yoruba, Pidgin, French, Portuguese, and Swahili, meaning most of the time I don’t understand what she’s saying, but I can pick up the meaning based on the videos.

I wrote a post about four years ago for Writers Workshop where I was talking about my name, and how my aunts all call me Johnny (even to this day). I went to YouTube to find the song "Oh Johnny. Oh Johnny, Oh!" and among the songs it found was Yemi’s "Johnny." I listened, I liked…

  1. Johnny
  2. Oh My Gosh
  3. Dancina
  4. Tumbum
  5. Begging

Yemi Alade, your Five For Friday, July 22, 2022.

Five For Friday: Leonid & Friends

I first wrote about Leonid Vorobyev and the Chicago tribute band he put together four years ago. At that time, I said that they sounded more like the band Chicago than the original: these were note-perfect arrangements which Leonid, a retired music professor and bass player from Russia, put together by ear. He assembled a group of musicians and singers to help him realize his dream of recording the music he loves, and it grew from there.

They’re finishing their third or fourth tour of the US, and have only gotten better and more confident. They’re now covering other bands, including Earth Wind & Fire, Rufus, Steely Dan, and Tower of Power, and recorded an original composition last year called "The Speck of Dust" that combines the band with a fairly large orchestra and a throat singer. So, here are five songs that they’ve recorded in the past year. Be prepared to be amazed.

  1. In The Stone (Earth Wind & Fire cover)
  2. So Very Hard To Go (Tower of Power cover)
  3. Ain’t Nobody (Rufus with Chaka Khan cover)
  4. Ain’t It Blue? (Chicago cover)
  5. My Old School (Steely Dan cover)

There are a ton of videos out there, including many from live performances, most of which have a list of the band members at the end.

Leonid & Friends, your Five For Friday, July 15, 2022.

Five For Friday: The Monkees

My first venture into a weekly music-based post was Two For Tuesday, where I would feature an artist and two of their songs. The first 2FT post was on June 26, 2012, and the first band I featured was The Monkees. I’ve since switched things around, with Tuesday’s feature now Top Ten Tuesday and Friday’s feature Five For Friday, which was intended to replace Two For Tuesday…

Yeah, blah blah blah, John. In a belated tenth anniversary post, here, once again, are The Monkees, with some of my favorite songs of theirs. I listed the names of the songwriters this time, because I thought that was something you’d want to know…

  1. Last Train To Clarksville (Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart)
  2. Your Auntie Grizelda (Diane Hildebrand and Jack Keller)
  3. Randy Scouse Git (Micky Dolenz)
  4. Mary, Mary (Michael Nesmith)
  5. Pleasant Valley Sunday (Gerry Goffin & Carole King)

And that’s Five For Friday for July 8, 2022.