Top Ten Tuesday: KAAY (AM 1090, Little Rock AR), 10/21/66

This is coming to you late; I wasn’t able to get the lead out last night.

Today’s Top Ten is from KAAY in Little Rock, Arkansas. They started out as KTHS and in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1924, but by the 1930’s had moved to 1090 kHz and to Little Rock. When they changed formats in 1962 to Top 40 radio, they changed their call letters to KAAY. Since 1985, they’ve been broadcasting religious-oriented programming.

I wasn’t familiar with a few songs, which made for an interesting experience. Here’s their Top Ten from 54 years ago tomorrow.

# Song/Artist Comments
10 (When She Needs Good Lovin’) She Comes To Me
The Chicago Loop
I had never heard of this song or the band until today, believe it or not. They were from Chicago, and released this record on Dyno-Groove Records. They were backed on the session by Mike Bloomfield (of the Butterfield Blues Band) on lead guitar and Barry Goldberg on keyboards. It actually reached #37 on the Hot 100.
9 All Strung Out
Nino Tempo & April Stevens
Nino and April were a brother-and-sister act from Niagara Falls, New York who had a #1 hit in 1963 with “Deep Purple (later covered by another brother-and-sister act named Donny and Marie Osmond). “All Strung Out” reached #26 on the Hot 100. The video, as you can see, was from The Lloyd Thaxton Show, which came on every day after The Match Game and I ran home to see.
8 Little Man
Sonny & Cher
This song did much better outside the US, where it only reached #21 on the Hot 100. It reached #1 in Scandinavia and two of the three Low Countries, #2 in Germany, #4 in the UK and Argentina, and #10 in both English- and French-speaking Canada.
7 Nineteen Days
The Dave Clark 5
This song failed to reach the Top 40 in the US (#48) but did OK in Canada (#23) and New Zealand (#14). I always find it fascinating that a song that goes nowhere nationally does so well in certain markets.
6 If I Were A Carpenter
Bobby Darin
Bobby went through a period where he did a lot folk songs in the ’60’s, including this one, written by Tim Hardin. This reached #8 in the US and #9 in the UK.
5 Rain On The Roof
The Lovin’ Spoonful
Didn’t recognize this song when I saw the name, but knew it immediately when I heard the first chords. It reached #10 in the US, #12 in Canada, and #4 in New Zealand.
4 I Can’t Control Myself
The Troggs
Only got to #43 here, but reached #2 in the UK.
3 96 Tears
? & The Mysterians
Topped the chart in the US and Canada and finished the year at #5.
2 You Keep Me Hangin’ On
The Supremes
A minor masterpiece by Holland-Dozier-Holland that reached #1 for The Supremes in 1966 and reached the Top 10 for Vanilla Fudge in 1967.
1 Devil With A Blue Dress
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
Originally done by Shorty Long in 1964, Mitch Ryder’s version added a chorus of Little Richard’s “Good Golly Miss Molly” and took this to #4 nationwide.

And that’s Top Ten Tuesday for October 20, 2020.

Monday’s Music Moves Me: Autumnal Equinox

Image by Valiphotos from Pixabay

I’ll be honest: I had a hard time getting it into gear over the weekend. I spent most of the day yesterday trying to put together an appropriate playlist for today, and I couldn’t. It just wasn’t coming to me. I finally said "aah, I’ll just do it in the morning."

I’m glad I did, because I found some great music this morning, starting with maybe the best laugh I’ve had in weeks…

Then, I found this one-hour playlist put together by YouTube user Jake Westbrook of "vintage fall/autumn music."

And a second, "jazzy" playlist from YouTuber lyon, who looks like they have several others besides this. Check out their user page. This is about 22 minutes.

One more, because there are a bunch out there, this one by Odessa Hott, that’s also about 22 minutes. She also set up her playlist on Spotify, but regrets that the second song on the video isn’t available there.

So, that should give you enough music to keep busy for a while. That’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for September 21, 2020.

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