Some Dave Clark 5 Follow-Up

We’ve talked a lot today about the Dave Clark 5, who were very popular in the ’60’s, then seemed to fall off the radar. Songbird left a comment that the reason you couldn’t buy their music during the ’70’s and ’80’s was because Dave Clark wouldn’t license it. She also mentioned that their music isn’t available on Spotify (some of it is now) but that a lot of it is available on iTunes.

In a rare moment of synchronicity, I was just watching this video on YouTube. Fil, who runs the Wings of Pegasus channel (which is excellent, by the way, and which you can spend many hours on before you know it), did a video about the band and gives a little more insight on what happened. Here it is, if you’re interested.

Someone Explain Something To Me…

I looked at my dashboard and saw this under “most popular posts”:

Most of these make sense, because I posted them in the past week. The one that doesn’t make sense is the first on the list, this post from 2013. It has the most hits of the past week, and it was written almost seven years ago, about a year after I even started this blog.

I’m sure it’s someone having fun with his or her bot, and if I were to analyze the spam that I delete daily I’d probably see that many of the attempted ads for ED drugs, gym shoes, and porn were destined to be posted in the comments for this post. Which still doesn’t make any sense: why would they be attempting to post their comment spam to seven year old posts that no one (me included) visits anymore?

Maybe I should put a time limit on commenting and see what happens…

Gyros! #socs

Image by djpresc16 from Pixabay

I’m going to focus on “wrap” because it gives me the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite wraps, gyros (YEE-ros). If you don’t know what a gyros is (the word gyros is singular, by the way), I feel badly for you, because you don’t know what you’re missing.

I had my first gyros when I was in college. A friend of mine was really into them, and talked me into going with him to get one. It’s a wrap made out of pita bread, on which they pile meat (a combination of beef and lamb) sliced off of a large spit, sliced onions, a couple of diced or wedges of tomato, and tzatziki (yogurt mixed with cucumber, garlic, salt, olive oil and a few other ingredients), which is then wrapped and held together with aluminum foil. I was a little wary of the tzatziki, but I learned it adds to the taste and the fun.

Well, I was hooked. Sometimes in the late evenings (i.e. 10 PM or later) I and a bunch of friends from the dorm would run across the street to a place that sold hot dogs, hamburgers, tamales, French fries, and gyros. I’d always get a gyros, fries and some soft drink, and gradually got a few of those guys to try them. They’re particularly tasty at bedtime.

Gyros are real popular in Chicago. Most of the small hamburger joints serve them now, and they’re always my favorite. No matter the ethnic makeup of the neighborhood, they’ve turned out to be best sellers. When we moved to Atlanta, I had the hardest time finding a place that served them. There’s a chain of food court places called Gyro Wrap that do a pretty good gyros, although they use lettuce instead of onions. Oh well, you can’t have everything…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about the AMC Pacer. It’s everything a small car never was!

Tygpress: All’s Well That Ends Well

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After my post about Tygpress and the elusive Amrut Miskin, I got a comment from Paula that said she was able to get in touch with him, and that he was quite apologetic and promised to take her stuff off his site. Then this morning Cathy commented that the site was down with a note of apology (see above) to let everyone know that his reposting of full posts was unintentional and that it was back to the drawing board for him. I think he’s entitled to the benefit of the doubt; having spent years in the software business, I know the embarrassment of releasing code that hasn’t been fully tested.

He sounds like a decent guy, and I’m sorry I called him a scumbag and threatened to sic Vinny the Guinea and Vito Underpants on him.