Best of the Month and Finale #JusJoJan

So, here we are at the end of another Just Jot It January, one of those annual things that makes my blogging life so much fun. I want to thank Linda for once again moderating and doing her usual fantastic job of coordinating. This year in particular, when she’s had enough on her mind with a sick child and all (and we all, I’m sure, hope that Alex is doing much better and will continue to improve).

This is today’s prompt:

Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 31st is “your favorite thing/part/blog post of last year or last month.” Talk about what you did or discovered that gave you happiness and/or success. Have fun!

I don’t have to look far to come up with this, back to this morning: this week, I got a message through 23 and Me from one of my father’s cousins, a person I had never met, whose help in fleshing out my family tree has been invaluable, and we’re just getting started. You can read my post from earlier today to get the details.

Now, here’s Mariette Harley (who is not Mrs. James Garner) for Pacific Northwest Bell.

Now, of course, we have the Internet where we can look up virtually any phone number in the world and no longer need phone directories. Try explaining that to your local phone company, who insists on leaving them at your front door anyway…

I Remember What This Was Like #1LinerWeds #JusJoJan

I feel badly for those of you that are currently sitting in the deepfreeze. This was one of the reasons I moved South, to avoid this. It gets cold here, but nothing like the “get up in the middle of the night to make sure your car will start” cold I experienced in all those years traveling in the Midwest. And there’s none of this shoveling snow here: we just wait until it melts.

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. It’s also part of Just Jot It January this month.

Now here’s the Soaky Kid with Donald Duck and Porky Pig for Soaky bubble bath. It’s more fun than getting dirty!

Yes, this was childhood, ’60’s style.

You Have Dialed… #JusJoJan

Jim over at A Unique Title For Me has selected today’s prompt, “dirty.” Here’s The Conception Corporation with “Dial A Dirty Joke.”

This was recorded in 1970, so if doesn’t make sense, that’s to be expected. A lot of the humor of that era was like this. There were a lot of comedy troupes that started in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Probably the best-known was Firesign Theater, who made some very strange comedy albums that naturally we all got into and our parents just rolled their eyes at. When we were in high school, Mark and I used to listen to his brother’s FT albums. Our favorite sketch was the radio drama “Nick Danger, Third Eye.” (It’s almost half an hour, so you might want to save it for later.)

Now here’s Pamela Austin for the 1967 Dodge Dart. The Dodge Rebellion wants you!

The Truth, The Whold Truth, and Nothing But The Truth #JusJoJan

Dan, over at No Facilities (hi, Dan!), has the honor of today’s prompt, “testify.”

“Testify” makes me think of all the courtroom dramas we’ve watched over the years. Our favorite is probably Perry Mason, which starred Raymond Burr as Mason, Barbara Hale (whose son is William Katt, “The Greatest American Hero”) as Della Street, his confidential secretary, William Hopper (Hedda’s son) as private investigator Paul Drake, William Talman as District Attorney Hamilton Burger, and Ray Collins as Detective Arthur Tragg. Perry and Hamilton are a perpetual mutual thorn in the side, Tragg is always catching Perry just as Perry is about to conceal a critical piece of evidence, Paul is always mixed up in the stories somehow, and Della is clearly in love with Perry, but hides it because it wouldn’t be professional. The trials always seem to end with someone breaking down in the middle of testimony and confessing to actually doing the murder, letting Perry’s client go free and giving Burger a slam-dunk case against the person that confessed, which he never quite seems to appreciate.

But you knew all this, because you read my JJJ post a couple of years ago, right?

And now a word about Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. Sit down to a familiar face!

A Little Cathartic Writing #JusJoJan

We’re in the home stretch of Just Jot It January 2019, and part of me wishes it could go on forever. The rest of me will be just as happy to see January go. Not that this has been a bad month, because it hasn’t been, but, you know, January. Not that February’s that much better, but it’s shorter, anyway. Has anyone else ever wondered why they made February the shortest month, and why they didn’t just take a day away from January and March and make all three months 30 days long? I guess it would screw up the poem “Thirty days hath September…”

Now that I have that out of my system…

That was kind of cathartic opening, wasn’t it? Appropriate because “cathartic” was chosen by Miss Enthralling Journey as today’s prompt.

All you etymology fans out there (and I know there’s at least one) no doubt know that catharsis, the noun that gives us the adjective cathartic, comes to us from the Greek kathairein, “to purge.” And by purge, I mean empty the bowels. In fact, an old word for laxative is “cathartic.” Betcha didn’t know that, didja?

Now here’s a word about Serutan Plus. Serutan spelled backwards is “Nature’s.”