#1LinerWeds From Vintage TV

In case you can’t read it, “The programs broadcast by this station may not be used for any purpose except exhibition at the time of their broadcast on receivers of the type normally used for home reception in places where no admission, cover or mechanical operating charges are made.”

I was watching a 1979 signoff from WNBC in New York and this flashed up on the screen. I felt to capture it and use it as this week’s one-liner, because I remember there was a certain amount of controversy when VCR’s started gaining popularity that the whole “exhibition at the time of their broadcast” thing would preclude people recording shows off the air to watch later. Either the courts or the almighty FCC determined that, as long as people weren’t selling the videotapes, everything was cool. And time-shifting was born.

First, congratulations to Laura from Riddle From The Middle, who emerged victorious in our recently-completed Badge Contest.

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Found This #1LinerWeds on Twitter

It’s more than one line, I realize, but it makes a good point.

I took Algebra 2 twice in high school, first in my freshman year because I had taken Algebra 1 in grammar school, then again in my junior year because they had no idea what else to do with me: Math AB and BC were for seniors and I wasn’t a senior, they didn’t want me to just sit around all year without taking a math class because I would have “gone rusty,” and they didn’t have any other alternatives for me. Statistics would have been nice, but a course like the one described here would have been ideal. (We did get a quarter’s worth of Consumer Education: the teacher was a real joker, and I got an A in it despite not learning a damn thing.) I mean, it was fun learning all about logarithms, trigonometry, and matrices, but they aren’t things I’ve needed since 1976 (the last time I took a class that required any of these things). A class in résumé writing, on the other hand, would have really helped. Part of the reason I was hesitant to change jobs was because I hated writing one.

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about French’s mustard. Open up and let the French’s mustard in!

Personally, I think mustard (and ketchup and mayonnaise and…) is gross. But the commercial’s fun.