#1LinerWeds from Thelonious Monk

Just because I can no longer participate in most of my pre-stroke musical activities doesn’t mean that I don’t still think of myself as a musician. One of the YouTube channels I watch is that of Adam Neely, bassist, expert on music theory and harmony, and just a cool guy. He posted a video on Monday where he went over the 25 tips that jazz pianist Thelonious Monk gave to a young saxophonist named Steve Lacy when Lacy was playing in his band. The whole list is worth seeing, even if you’re not a musician; Adam copied it into the description of the video (which is why I’m linking to it instead of embedding it).

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now here’s Richard Denning for Montclair cigarettes.

You might remember Richard Denning from Hawaii Five-O or any of the other shows he was in. I remember him from an ancient TV series called Mr. & Mrs. North, which he was in with Barbara Britton and the incomparable Francis De Sales as a cop…