Share Your World for 24 Jan 2022

Melanie tells us that this week’s theme is "Blogger’s Questions." I’ll do as she did and link to each of the questioners so you can send your praise or complaints to them, not for the answers (I’m solely responsible for them) but for the questions that led to them.

Cyranny asks, “What’s the worst day of the week for you?,” to which Melanie appends, "Why?" Now that I’m retired, they’re all about the same. I’d say Saturday, because it’s just a weird day: nothing really goes on during the day, then at night there’s a flurry of activity that I’m not a part of, anyway.

I chose this because flamingoes (or do you spell it lamingos?) are strange…

Mrs. A from "Beyond The Jazzocracy" asks, "Would you ever consider posing naked or semi-naked for the camera or a live audience (acting in a play)?" Hey, I’m retired, anything for a buck.

Direct all complaints to Reverend Ike, Box 1000, Boston, Massachusetts

Di asks, "With the recent energy crisis here in the UK, would you prefer electric, gas, oil or some other means of heating your home?" Gas works for me…

Not as bad as some of the ones I could’ve used

Marilyn asks, "In your household, who takes care of the bills, taxes, and other financial stuff? Is one person responsible or is it a shared chore?" I do.

Looks more like me than I care to admit

Finally, Yinglan asks, "If you can have any one job (real or fiction) in the galaxy (yes, the galaxy, I’m widening the search radius, imagining relocation to other planets possible), what is that job?" See below…

Any questions?

As for what I’m grateful for, Mary and I will be married 44 years this Friday, and I thank God for her every day.

Share Your World for 17 Jan 22

Melanie has served up a heapin’ helpin’ of questions, just like she does every week, and I look for ways to answer them in an entertaining way, complete with GIF’s, funny pictures and videos, and whatever else I find funny. OK? OK!

Fill in: ‘If I were really completely honest, I would say that …’ This is a question for ‘radical honesty’. What are the things you wouldn’t normally say? Things you would otherwise actually hide? What’s on your mind? What would you really like to be able to say? As I explained yesterday, I don’t like to talk about "causes I’m passionate about," some of which are political, some of which are religious, and many of which are self-evident, e.g. my love for cats, my warnings about melanoma, my hope that home finances would be taught in school, my belief that, as my mother said, "If you can read, you can do just about anything else." And, as I said a few weeks ago, I’ll climb down from my soapbox before I fall off.

Equivalent of “falling off your soapbox” for the electronic age

Have you ever broken anything? What about rules? Of course I have. I broke my arm twice (same arm), a few teeth, classroom equipment, rental cars… And rules are made to be broken, aren’t they?

Don’t know who she is, but if she sings half as good as she looks…

Are you also afraid of spiders? What is your biggest fear, other than spiders? (if you’re not afraid of spiders, use your biggest phobia instead). Spiders, no; cockroaches, yes. They’re gross, and where there’s one, there’s a thousand more. Biggest phobia besides cockroaches: public restrooms (long story). Cockroaches in a public restroom would be hell for me.

Do you think time goes faster as you get older? No, time is always a constant. It seems a lot faster the older you get, for reasons Paula has already pointed out.

Share Your World For 10 Jan 22

Melanie’s having blog issues, but I’ll link back anyway so you can find her…

Who do you think is an example of a successful person? The person who invented the Thermos bottle. It keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold… how does it know?

Why are you doing what you’re currently doing? I have a bunch of blog entries to write today and I figured I had better get to it.

What is your personal theme song? What else?

What do you think about tofu? Back in my Chinese cooking days, I used to make a dish called ma po tofu that Mary and I both liked. Apart from that, tofu is gross.

I don’t think today is World Tofu Day, but I like the picture…

Share Your World for 3 Jan 22

Melanie says:

Today marks a special occasion. A SAD occasion (for me). This is the last Evil Squirrel Critter Question Post. Evil Squirrel is a very busy squirrel and besides he has run through his cast of critters. He, himself stepped in for the last question. I don’t know about YOU, but I’ve found this to be a lot of fun, and it was nice to have him co-host.

Which means (a) Evil Squirrel and his menagerie provides this week’s questions and (b) this is the last week he’ll be doing so. Thank you, ES!

What frivolous, but annoying thing that people do be considered a sin (crime)?
And how should violators be made to repent (be punished) for it?
Listening to music or playing with their phones or PSP’s or whatever in public and not wearing headphones. Keep your bloody noise to yourself! There’s a special circle in hell for people who do that, and their punishment should be to move them closer to that eventuality. I also think that game developers who default to "music on" should suffer a similar fate…

Imagination IN and impracticality and logic aside, if you could pick one animal to have as an exotic pet based solely on how cute and adorable it is, what would it be? An aardvark. They could prove to be very useful when fire ants show up on the property.

Isn’t he adorable?

Do you have any siblings? If so, where do you rank in birth order? And do you think either of these facts contributed to the person you became? I’m the oldest of four boys, the last having been born 17 years after the next-to-last. (Mom remarried and they had a child.) I’m sure it contributed to the person I’ve become, but I couldn’t tell you how.

Max Fleischer was a genius

We all have things that make us happy, but what makes you deliriously, giddily, tail wagging-ly happy? PIE!

If you had an alter ego, who or what would it be? Describe some fun or interesting things about them! Maybe the fictional character I’ve been playing with, Blake Stephenson. He’s 14 going on 30, plays the guitar and draws very well, and is a good student. (All the things I’m not.) His single mother (who ran away from an Amish village when he was 16 and had Blake shortly thereafter) has died and he’s been sent to live with his aunt and uncle (actually two good friends of hers) and their two daughters, one of whom is 20 minutes younger than he. Aunt Betty and Uncle Don are more "hands on" than his mother had been, which causes more than a little friction between them, which he treats with his own brand of sarcastic humor and laconic stoicism.

Blake Stephenson. Actually my seventh grade picture as processed by Voila AI Artist (the original is in the corner)

Another possibility is a character I created for the Ghostletters mailing list (long story), Mary Cecelia O’Brian. She’s a 40-ish redheaded woman, petite and very shapely, mother of three kids with a mage from another dimension (I didn’t make him up). Two have his pointed ears, silver eyes, and magical ability, while the third is completely normal and as such a target for her siblings’ trickery. Mary Cecelia loves guns and has an impressive (some would say frightening) collection of handguns and shotguns, some of which were her father’s.

Mary Cecelia O’Brian. Same deal as before using April Bowlby (Kandi from Two and a Half Men) as the model.

Share Your World For 27 Dec 2021

The last share of the year, and Melanie has a few questions on that. So, here we go!

At 12 a.m. on December 31st/Jan 1st, what will you be doing? Lying in bed, having been awakened by fireworks.

It always seems like my neighbors get together before major holidays, drive over to Big Daddy’s in Alabama, and buy out all of his inventory, then shoot it all off at once, and they don’t go bed until they do.

In case you didn’t believe me.

Is there a tradition you have for New Year’s Eve? Pizza rolls for dinner. I don’t know how that got started, but it’s our tradition.

Do you have any hope or reason you find that next year will be better? Other than the same stale optimism I bring into every New Year’s, I have a feeling we’re in for twelve months of the same-old same-old. And not the old same-old same-old, the new one with all of its mask-shaming and vax-shaming.

What’s the biggest personal lesson you learned during 2021? That the more you stay inside, the more you want to stay inside. I can count on one hand (okay, maybe two hands) the numer of times I left the house this year, and the last couple of times, I dreaded it.

Though there are times…

Describe in 1-3 words how you feel going into 2022: That’s easy…