Share Your World For 9/16/19

Melanie runs the “Share Your World” (or SYW) blog hop, and I started doing it last week. I was under the impression that the questions came out on Tuesday, but I guess they come out Monday. So I’m doing this on Monday, but you won’t see it until Tuesday, which hereinafter will be the day I post my answers. (How’s that for a $10 word?) Okay? Okay!

Anyway, there are a bunch more questions than usual this week. This first batch is from Rory, who I haven’t met yet.

Are we losing the art of listening in comparison to simply hearing? I think so. There’s so much out there to hear (which includes things posted on Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the antisocial media) that after a while it all becomes a wall of words. There are days that I yearn for the good old days, before this computer madness. Not that everything the Internet brings us is bad, but a lot of it is less than edifying. And, as I have said frequently, much of the noise is coming from people who, if not for the Internet, would be muttering to themselves in the back of a bus.

How often do you openly discuss with friends or here in WP with your readership topics that make you feel uncomfortable or may be taboo or stigma laden? Never. This is my blog, I don’t have to talk about anything I don’t wanna. The only social responsibility this blog has is to entertain and inform, and the latter happens pretty much by accident.

Do you think that these discussions should be freely discussed and written about more? That’s up to the person writing the blog or who wants to lead the discussion. As for me, I prefer to wander away from those sorts of discussions.

Did you have a nickname as a child and if so, what was [or what is it now]? My family calls me Johnny. I think it was to distinguish between me and my grandfather, though I doubt that was necessary.

Why is there still ‘stuff’ we simply just don’t understand despite our progressive world? That’s our nature. I don’t think we want to understand everything, and I think it’s because we hope there’s something more beyond our realm of understanding. We need something to strive for, and need to believe that this isn’t all there is. From 1969, Miss Peggy Lee, “Is That All There Is?”

Now a question from Leslie, who I thought repeated a question from last week.

Would you rather double your height or lose half your weight? (In response to last week’s double your weight, half your height query). If I was half my weight, I’d be the happiest man on earth, because I weigh twice what I should.

Roger Shipp had a good question.

What is your most essential kitchen tool? (Can be a person you know. For the non-cooks in the crowd). I would have to say Mary, because she can do the cooking I can’t anymore.

And now, the Gratitude Question:

Who is one blogger you really admire and why? All of them. I can’t choose, and don’t want to. You’re all good, and it’s an honor to share the Internet with you.

To quote two of my favorite cartoon characters, Heckle and Jeckle, “Tally ho and away we go! See you next week with a brand new show!”

SYW: Why Not?

I keep seeing people doing this, and it’s just a little too much temptation to ignore, so I’ll try this and see how well it goes over. Melanie B. Cee over at sparksfromacombustiblemind puts the questions on her blog every week and we all answer them in a blog post and ping her (which might or might not work) so everyone else can find the answers. Okay? Okay! Let’s get started…

What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery or came into a huge fortune? Gut the house and have it completely redone so that it was handicapped-friendly and completely low-maintenance.

Which decade do you think had the best sense of style? The 1940’s. Or maybe the 1950’s.

Would you rather be half your height or double your weight? At my current weight, my BMI would be 201 if I was half my height. At my current height, my BMI would be 100 if I was twice my weight. Either way, I’m screwed, but not as badly with twice the weight. And yeah, I need to lose weight.

If you wanted to get away from everyone totally, where would you hide? In a cabin in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

What do you do that you love? Write the blog.