Simply Six Minutes: Before And After

I just read Jim’s paragraph about the above-pictured piece of furniture, where he said it’s hideous and should be put on the curb. Now, if he read the Apartment Therapy website, he would know that someone else will see this and say, "Why in the world would anyone throw this away?"

That person will put it in her trunk, bring it home to her garage, and put it on some old newspapers. Then, she’ll go out to Home Depot for two twelve-ounce cans of Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Flat Black General Purpose Spray Paint at $6.48 each, a package of ten Glide-Rite 5 in. Center-to-Center Polished Chrome Finish Solid Handle Bar Pulls (I’m estimating the width between the holes on the center drawers) for $25.74, six Hickory Hardware Forge 1-3/8 in. Dia Chrome Cabinet Knobs at $4.79 each ($28.74 total), and, in case there are any spare holes, a six-ounce tube of DAP Plastic Wood 6 oz. White Latex Wood Filler for $9.28 and a 4-pack of 3M Pro Grade Precision 9 in. x 11 in. 80 Grit Coarse Faster Sanding Sanding Sheets for $6.98.

Then she’ll go home, take the drawers out and remove the old hardware, fill any extra holes with the wood filler (sand the filled holes down), then spray-paint the cabinet and the drawers. When the paint is dry, she’ll attach the drawer pulls and slide the drawers back in, bring the dresser into the house, and use it as a credenza in her entrance hallway. Total cost? $83.70, and she’ll still have the seven extra handle bar pulls, some of the wood fill, and some of the sandpaper left over. She will have taken pictures all along to send to Apartment Therapy along with the email explaining what she did. And she’ll be featured on the website…

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Simply Six Minutes: A Liminal Space…

I think of vacant places like this as liminal spaces. It’s not really a place to be, it’s a place I have to pass through to get where I want to go. I’ve stepped out of one of the rooms, either the one on the right or the left, and I want to go to the room down the hall. Maybe opening the door at the end of the hall puts me in the vestibule of this building, where the exits are, or maybe it’s an empty office, or a classroom, or a storeroom. I don’t know what it is until I walk there and look for myself.

Or maybe if I look either side of the door, there are doors for the men’s and ladies’ rooms. Only way I’ll find out is by walking down there.

There’s something unsettling about this. It’s not the dip in the floor, or the way the tiles are arranged on the floor. It’s more the feeling that, while I’m here, I’m really nowhere.

Christine runs Simply Six Minutes.

Simply Six Minutes: It’s Getting Better

Making the requested changes would make it say “2023 will probaby be better. If 2022 taught us anything, it’s not to set the bar too high & to keep our optimism mild.”

A song immediately comes to mind: The Beatles, “It’s Getting Better.”

Notice how, in the chorus, the response to “I got to admit it’s getting better, it’s getting better all the time” is “It can’t get any worse.”

A friend of mine used to quote the old Arabic adage, “expect nothing and be surprised.” That’s the way I feel about it. Who knows what’s going to happen next year, apart from an omniscient God or a clairvoyant?

2022 was not an espcecially good year, but it wasn’t bad, either. Maybe that’s my perspective as someone who says at home most of the time and does his best to ignore the news except at a very high level. From that perspective, I give the year a C minus.

Now, using the last two years as the basis for declaring that 2023 is going to be better? Who knows? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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Simply Six Minutes: How’d They Do That?

Well, this certainly looks like a logistical nightmare…

I grew up in Chicago, and from the time I was in high school to the time I left for Atlanta, I used the Chicago Transit Authority’s Rapid Transit system, what they called the combination of elevated and subway trains. Often, I had to carry bulky items with me: luggage, computer equipment, packages to be shipped, packages I picked up, guitars, amplifiers, you name it. In all those cases, the items were reasonably small, and with enough effort and pre-planning, it was possible, albeit not easy, to get them through the station, on board the train, off the train, and out of the other station.

But a lawn mower? I can’t think of a good reason to try and move one of those by subway or elevated train. Why would you even put yourself in a position where you would even be tempted to try?

Reminds me of the guy who has to get a grandfather clock repaired, and he carries it by subway to the repair location. Naturally, he’s knocking into people, blocking doors and aisles. Finally, this little old lady says "why can’t you wear a wristwatch like everyone else does?

Christine runs Simply Six Minutes.

Simply Six Minutes: My Guardian Dear

My sporadic participation in Simply Six Minutes comes largely as a result of my not being much of a fiction person, but I took a second look at this week’s picture and it made me think of something I learned when I was young.

I know many of you are sitting there thinking, "geez, he says he doesn’t like fiction, and now he hits us with this nonsense!" The thing is, I don’t see it as fiction. I grew up believing in angels, particularly guardian angels, and forgot about them for a while, then I read Andrew Greeley’s Angel Fire

Someone to watch over me? Sean Seamus Desmond, newly-announced Nobel Prize winner, relishes the unknowns of science, but a real-life mystery of love and passion. . . in the form of a beautiful woman who says she’s his guardian angel? Impossible. Yet there in his New York hotel room is an enchanting creature named Gabriella Light, who inexplicably and dramatically has just saved his life.

Voluptuous and exquisitely dressed, sexy Gabriella, angel or not, is determined to keep him alive as a terrifying web of intrigue closes around him. Pursued by a very real and present danger, Sean Desmond will question his own sanity and his deepest beliefs, as he experiences what cannot be rationalized away as anything other than a powerful, radiant, and transcendent love. . . one that will test him as a man too long afraid of human and divine fires within himself!

A wonderful, electrifying novel, Angel Fire, will delight readers with the storytelling magic that Andrew Greeley does best. Again he has created a tale rich with suspense, breathless entertainment, compelling ideas–and fascinating charaters we love, cherish, and never forget.

There’s a scene in this book where Gabi shows Sean the true nature of God that was so beautifully written it made me cry. I was on a plane flying from Los Angeles to Atlanta, and just couldn’t help myself. That night, when I got into bed, I said as much of the "Angel of God, my Guardian dear" prayer as I could remember. It was like meeting an old friend again…

Anyway, I see this week’s picture, and all I can think of is the little girl seeing her Guardian Angel in the reflecting pool.

These memes gave me a good laugh.

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