That’s Deep #socs

Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands#stayathome #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay

When I was in high school, whenever someone made an unintentionally profound remark, especially one that had nothing to do with the conversation at hand, someone else would always say “wow, that’s deep.” We’d also say it when someone belched or… well, you know….

For the bloggers out there (that would be nearly everyone reading this): Do you ever get writing a blog post and realize about halfway through that you’re really getting a little too deep into the topic? That happens to me a lot, especially during the A to Z Challenge, where we try as much as possible to keep the posts on the short side. I get writing, and writing, trying as much as I can to simplify it, while at the same time making the thing so difficult to understand that even I don’t know what I’m talking about. The way I usually fix that is to trow it all away and start with something new. Something that I hope won’t make me do that.

Off topic, but something I wanted to mention: I’ve gone back to the classic editor in WordPress. Their latest modification to the block editor, a.k.a. Gutenberg, made it less friendly and more of a pain in the ass. Besides, I discovered that I was writing as much HTML code as I was with the classic editor, so it wasn’t really saving me time, and I get a little fussy about things like centering that obviously mean very little to the people who created the block editor. Anyway, that’s all I had to say about that. Much more, and I’d be getting way too deep.

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What Linda Gets When She Gives Us The Prompt “Beside You” #socs

Canon CanoScan LiDE 120. Source:

This is going to sound like a commercial, so just to let everyone know, I bought this myself and I’m not getting paid to write this.

Over twenty years ago, I had an HP flatbed scanner. It cost a fortune, connected to my computer with a SCSI card (remember those?), and it did a great job, but I rarely used it, and it took up a lot of "real estate" on the computer table. Finally I detached it and put it on the shelf in the closet of the spare bedroom, where it remains to this day.

A couple of years ago, Mary decided she wanted to scan her knitting patterns to load them onto her iPad. The old scanner wouldn’t connect to the computer I have now, so I needed something that would. I found the scanner above, the CanoScan LiDE 120, at Overstock, and ordered it.

Compared to my previous experience with hooking up a scanner, where I had to pull my computer apart to install a SCSI card before I hooked the scanner up, this was a USB plug and play hookup. I installed the software I needed to use it, and we started scanning, all within about ten minutes.

I’m no judge of scan quality, but it did a good job in that it was legible and we were able to scan multiple pages into a single PDF. It’s turned out to be a very handy piece of equipment. I use it to scan documents into Evernote so I can get rid of the paper document.

See what you get when you tell me "the first thing beside me," Linda?

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A Welcome Change? #socs

I wonder how many people will find this unscheduled time off due to Covid-19 will see it as a welcome interruption of their daily grind?

Maybe people who are accustomed to commuting to an office and spending hours there before commuting home will discover that they work better from home. Or maybe they’ll discover that they miss the commute, the getting dressed for work, the being away from home for 10-12 hours a day. Maybe they’ll discover after a couple of weeks of teaching their children at home gets them thinking that they would do a better job of educating their kids, or maybe they would be counting the hours and the days before they can hand their children off to the local school system.

What do you think? Welcome respite, or pain in the ass?

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Adorable kitty, isn’t she?

Wires, Wires Everywhere… #socs

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

I had some pretty nice stereo equipment many years ago. That was until one of my cats developed an insatiable appetite for speaker wire. I got so tired of rewiring the speakers every time I wanted to listen to music that I finally got rid of the equipment. To this day I regret doing that. I should have just gotten rid of the damn cat. She was a real pain in the ass anyway.

My office is a rat’s nest of wires, cables, electrical cords, short extension cords for the transformers that make everything from the computer to the printer work, USB cables, etc. etc. We needed wireless technology about 30 years ago, and now even more than then. Anytime I need to plug something in, I need Mary to come in and do it for me. It’s a pain. I have these great Bluetooth headphones that I can’t use with my desktop computer because the Bluetooth on the desktop keeps cutting out on me. I’m sorely tempted to replace the desktop, except I don’t want to spend the money. Maybe I should take everything off it and restore it. Will that help? Dunno. Couldn’t hurt.

Nothing to do with wires, but I go for a colonoscopy on Wednesday. I don’t know if I should say "wish me luck" or "say a prayer," but anyway…

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Go Figure… #socs

What Pixabay gave me when I looked for “figure.”

I’m not much of an Olympics fan (Atlanta’s experience in 1996 pretty much soured me on the whole thing), but I do like watching the figure skating. Anyone remember Julia Lipnitskaya, the 15-year-old phenom from Russia at the Sochi Olympics in 2014?

She had a little trouble staying on her feet during the individual skate, and was beaten by her teammate, 17-year-old Adelina Sotnikova, who skated like she was saying, "take that, Julia, you little snot!"

A book that I started but never finished was Joseph Heller’s God Knows. The dust jacket had a picture of a cloud with a speech bubble that said, "Go Figure." It was written from the standpoint of King David, who spoke like an old Jewish man. The way he said things was hilarious. I might get a copy from the library and finish it. Eventually…

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