A Cooler and Less Humid Week That Was

Here are WGN Sports announcers Lloyd Pettit and Hall of Famer Jack Brickhouse for Hamm’s Beer. Wouldn’t a cold Hamm’s taste good right now?

This commercial aired on WGN on August 19, 1965, during a doubleheader between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds. In the first game, Jim Maloney threw a 10-inning no-hitter against the Cubs as the Reds won, 1-0. Just thought you’d like to know.

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The Pre-Thanksgiving/Columbus Day Week That Was and White Sale

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Wieboldt’s “I Don’t Mime A White Sale,” going on now through August 29.

These used to be huge: sales on sheets, towels, tablecloths and other household soft items that normally come in white. Department stores would typically hold them on minor national holidays like Columbus Day, Presidents’ Day, Veterans’ Day etc. Chicago used to have lots of department stores: Marshall Field’s, Carson Pirie Scott & Co., Wieboldt’s, Lytton’s, Sears, Montgomery Ward, Goldblatt’s… All gone now.

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