Weekly Song Challenge, Week 29

I knew there was something I was forgetting… Mary B tells us what she wants, and we try and give it to her.

A Song with a Month in the title: Leonid & Friends, "September" (a superb cover of the Earth Wind & Fire song)

A Song with a Day of the Week in the title: The Sandpipers, "Come Saturday Morning"

A Song with a Unit of Measure in the title: Howlin’ Wolf, "Spoonful"

Tally-ho and away we go!
See you next week with a brand new show!

Weekly Song Challenge, Week 27

Time once again for everybody’s favorite game, Mary’s Weekly Song Challenge! She gives us the prompts, we give her the tunes…

A Song with a Country in the title: Ray Conniff, "Brazil"

A Song with a Color in the title: (Peter Green’s) Fleetwood Mac, "The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)"

A Song about a Profession: Warren Zevon, "Lawyers, Guns & Money"

Weekly Song Challenge #25

Happy birthday, Mary! Here are this week’s choices…

A Song with Summer in the title: The Jamies, "Summertime Summertime"

A Song that Dave Grohl played on: I’m sorry, who? runs to Wikipedia Oh, a member of the Foo Fighters, like Smokey Stover! Second single from their latest album, Medicine At Midnight, "No Son Of Mine."

A Song with Mary in the title: The Monkees, "Mary Mary."

Them’s the songs, and I am outta here…

Weekly Song Challenge, Week 24

Here we go again with Mary B’s Weekly Song Challenge! She wants ’em, I got ’em (songs, that is).

A Song with Brother or Sister in the title: Kenny Rogers & The First Edition, "Tell It All, Brother"

A Song with a Natural Disaster in the title: Fran DeLima, "The Tsunami Song" (novelty song based on "We Didn’t Start The Fire")

A Song written or produced by Mutt Lange: Britney Spears, "Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know" (written by Lange, Shania Twain, and Keith Scott, produced by Lange)

Them’s the tunes, and I am outta here…