The Week That Was, Father’s Day 2016 Edition

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Remington electric shavers. Reach for a Remington this Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers, grandfathers, foster fathers, stepfathers, uncles, and moms thrust into the role. I’m remembering especially Bill Holton, my father, Jack “Tex” Christian, my stepfather, and Joe Kacka, my father-in-law, all of whom were great men and who were instrumental in my life. There were so many men who had an effect on my life. In eighth grade, there was some kind of Boy Scout father-and-son event going on, and Mr. Lee, our Webelos leader, took me aside and said, “We don’t want to leave you out. You come, too, and I’ll stand in for him.” I’ve never forgotten that.

The Week That Was

A lot of music here this past week, starting with Monday’s Music Moves Me. It was a freebie week, and since I’ve been on a Three Dog Night kick, I featured songs by the original authors of some of their hits. I decided that will be my theme for the next several weeks on Two for Tuesday, and featured Harry Nilsson, who wrote and sang “One,” a big hit for 3DN in the late Sixties. Mary said it was good that I linked to the 3DN version of the song when I presented the original for comparison. I did that to show how similar 3DN was to the original; they generally didn’t rearrange songs but adapted them to their harmony and backup band. The result was pretty amazing.

Reocochran reminded me on Tuesday that Nilsson wrote and sang the theme song for the Sixties hit TV show The Courtship Of Eddie’s Father, which starred Bill Bixby, Brandon Cruz, and Miyoshi Umeki as Mrs. Livingston. It was originally a song Nilsson wrote called “Girlfriend,” and he adapted the words for the theme. The show ran for three seasons, and I don’t think I’ve seen it in syndication. I forget a lot about it, other than Mrs. Livington called Tom Corbett (Bixby’s character) “Mr. Eddie’s Father.” I remember another episode where Eddie was worried she was on the brink of committing seppuku, but that’s it.

Be sure and vote in my Battle of the Bands, if you haven’t already done so. It’s Glen Campbell versus June Christy in Battle “I Remember You.” I’ll announce the winner this Wednesday.

For One-Liner Wednesday, I snagged a line from an article by Steve Rose in The Guardian. It was an article about all the things that annoy him about Apple. I bought my first Mac Mini in 2006 when I heard about all the issues with Windows Vista, and I like the base system, but I found myself agreeing with many of the things in the article, particularly the U2 incident…

I had trouble coming up with something to write on Thursday, so I did a Thursday Ten and featured the Top Ten from WCFL radio from 48 years ago tomorrow. My brother Kip said it wasn’t an especially good week for music, but Arlee and JoAnna were happy for the stroll down Memory Lane.

I wrote The Friday Five during a torrential rainstorm here, so the keyword was “storm.” I have a number of suggestions for other “storm” songs, and that will probably be next week’s Friday Five.

Finally, Stream of Consciousness yesterday was about one of my friends from grammar school, who had an unusual reaction to a hypothetical posed by the nun in Religion class. I’m glad many of you got a laugh out of it.

That’s what happened here this past week. The theme for M4 tomorrow is “summer songs,” which I used as my theme a couple of weeks ago, so let’s see what new life I can come up with. Laura Nyro will be the featured artist on Two for Tuesday. And after that, I’m not sure. You’ll just have to come by and find out… See you this week!