A Sore And Stiff Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Swiss Creme Sandwich cookies from Nabisco.

The person who put this video together combined multiple commercials, so it’s the same video I’ve been using for a few sessions; I just specify start and end times and they play individually.

The Week That Was

I’m kind of relieved to know that the pain in my knees is arthritis, not that it makes them feel any better. I’ve switched from naproxen to ibuprofen, and the change was a good one, and I have turmeric and cayenne (both good for creaky joints) scheduled to arrive today, and Bio-Freeze (roll-on, gel, and spray) arriving between tomorrow and next Monday. They still hurt, but it’s getting better. We’re starting the paleo diet and I hope to hear about physical therapy tomorrow.

That’s it for the health report. Here’s the summary for the week

Monday was the 11th, and the music was all about that horrible day. I wonder if it’s time to move from “always remember” to “never forget.”

Perry Como was the featured artist as I continue with my series on music that was popular during the “Baby Boom” years. Incidentally, Two for Tuesday is just something I started doing in June 2012 and just continued doing all these years. Feel free to join me or just to enjoy the music. Someone asked earlier, and I thought I’d mention it. And, unless, I’m mistaken, XmasDolly, Linda, and Kat won’t object if you join their festivities (Monday’s Music Moves Me, One-Liner Wednesday, Writer’s Workshop, and Stream of Consciousness Saturday), either. The more, the merrier.

The one-liner was from Twitter and discussed the absurd practice of sending a meteorologist out into horrible weather and risking life and limb to do live reports.

The prompt was “books,” and I managed to veer off in my own direction and wrote about a comic strip instead, to wit Smokey Stover, which ran in the Chicago Tribune from 1935 until cartoonist Bill Holman’s retirement in 1973. I do a lot of veering off in real life, too.

I chose songs with body parts in the title as my theme for the 5×2 (and yes, you can join in on that one, too).


The song for this month’s Battle of the Bands is “Love Of The Common People” by John Hurley, and the competitors are The Everly Brothers and Waylon Jennings. Drop by there, give both a listen, and leave a comment telling me which you like better by Thursday night, and I’ll reveal the winner on Friday.

Linda’s prompt was “vol,” and the word I chose was “revolting,” which was how Chester Riley on The Life of Riley described the situations that developed when he would try to help. My revolting situation was the one that happened when Equifax managed to get hacked and have the “personally identifiable information” (i.e. names, addresses, dates of birth and Social Security numbers) of 143 million Americans (and that, I’m sure, is a lowball estimate) stolen from them. There have been multiple class-action suits filed, including here in Georgia, and I linked to the lawsuit document in the comments there. Equifax has a page that purports to inform you if your data may have been taken, but I think it’s probably best to assume that it has been taken and act accordingly.

You all came up with some great suggestions of songs with body prts in the title, so we’ll cover those tomorrow. Other than that, I haven’t decided on what else to feature this week, so you’ll be just as surprised as I will be.

That’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny pages!