Blob (#atozchallenge)

A BLOB, in the wonderful world of databases, is short for Binary Large OBject. Typically, a picture that you want to keep in a database, like an icon.

An example of a BLOB. Not me, the picture.

The Blob, on the other hand, was a 1958 movie that starred Steve McQueen and “an exciting cast of young people,” according to the trailer….

“Blob” was also a character on the kids’ shows developed for WFLD-TV in Chicago by Bill Jackson, Cartoon Town and The BJ and Dirty Dragon Show. Bill, generally known as BJ, was a multitalented artist, puppeteer and sculptor who could draw practically any cartoon character, in Magic Marker, on a flipchart, and who, on a regular basis (practically every day) sculpted Blob, an amorphous pile of clay that was the town’s monument, into whatever Blob said he wanted to be. Well, not quite “said”… more like grunted and made goofy noises. Here BJ turns Blob into “Wilbur the Wonder Horse.” I have no idea what the story was behind what was going on in the first minute, or at several points during the sculpting of Blob, with the Count Weirdly-looking guy (the characters with him were Wally and Weird), but it’s not important.