My 2018-19 #socs Badge Contest Entry

I got the news yesterday that it’s time once again to design a badge that we’ll use for Stream of Consciousness Saturday for the 2018-19 season. Here is my entry:

I thought about streams, and one that kept coming back to me was a bit stream, a string of binary digits (1’s and 0’s) that are combined to form a message. If you look at the background, you’ll notice one such string in a dark green color. To create that string, I wrote a Python program (learning Python as I went along) to take a message and translate each character into its ASCII code (a string of seven binary characters), then concatenate all of the strings together. Here’s the message I used:

Stream of Consciousness Saturday|#SoCS|John Holton|The Sound of One Hand Typing|

I’m so clever…

So, that’s my entry into the badge contest. Hope you like it!

Vote Early, Vote Often!

If you’ve been reading the blog here, you know that I participate in One-Liner Wednesday, brought to you by Linda Hill and this station. And you might have seen where we have a contest running right now to select a new badge to represent our little weekly project. I came up with an entry:

Today is the day we vote on all the entries, and I have to say there’s some very stiff competition. The page that has links to all the contestants and the form on which to vote (which for some reason didn’t show up for me: I suspect my ad blocker) can be found here on Linda’s blog. Please, even if you don’t participate in One-Liner Wednesday, head on over there, look at all the entries, and vote for the one you like best. Thanks, and best of luck to all the contestants!

The Fourth Annual #SoCS Badge Contest: My Entry

I see that it’s time again to choose a new badge for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. As you know, I designed the badge that was used this past year.


You can vote for it again this year, and I would be honored if it was chosen again, but really, it’s someone else’s turn. Give all the badges a look and vote this Thursday for the one you like best. Best of luck to everyone who designs a badge!

It’s Time To Vote for the 2016-17 #SoCS Badge!

I have a badge in this competition, and it looks like just about everyone has reblogged Linda’s post that has the ballot. Vote early, vote often.

It’s after midnight, which means this year’s contest is closed for the new Stream of Consciousness Saturday badge. We have seven wonderful pieces of art to choose from! Anyone can vote: make yours count!

I’ll name them all to make it easier for voting purposes. Here are the contestants in order, according to the time of their entries:

KG, with “Long and Winding Road”

Dale, with “Thoughts”

Willow, with “Wildflowers”

John, with “Digital Sky”

JoAnna, with “Rocks and Water”

Helen, with “Fast-Moving Stream”

Deborah, with “Firework Fantasy”

Please be sure to check them all out before you vote!

The poll will be open for one day. If it doesn’t close down automatically after 24 hours, I will close it when I get up on the morning of Friday, August 12th. The results will be announced before the Friday SoCS prompt is posted, and…

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