Writer’s Workshop: Early Career Plans

Today’s prompt: Something you wanted to be when you grew up.

I decided when I was 4 or 5 that I wanted to be a cab driver. This was back in the Sixties when cab drivers wore bow ties and hats. I think I wanted the hat.

Speaking of hats, then I wanted to be a policeman. I think it was from watching the terrible and oh-so-politically-incorrect “Dick Tracy” cartoons after school. An example…

At some point, I thought I might want to be a cartoonist. Then I learned I can’t draw.

TV and radio were always appealing. At different times, I wanted to be a weatherman, writer of TV shows, writer of commercials, disk jockey, TV repairman (I liked the big suitcase full of TV tubes they used to carry around), news announcer, game show host, game show panelist (like on To Tell The Truth), cameraman, reporter, and the guy who turns the station on and off.

I managed to forget all of these great ideas by the time I went to high school. When I was ready to start college, Mom wanted me to be an engineer. I didn’t want to be an engineer for two reasons: first, I was bad at physics and engineering is almost entirely physics, and second, Mom wanted me to be an engineer.

I ended up being a computer programmer, then a trainer on computer-related applications. As they say, manage your career, or your career manages you. Kind of like looking into the abyss.

Now, of course, I’m a blogger, which involves being a disk jockey, a writer, a reporter, and a guy who turns the station on and off. Oh, and a weatherman. Mary always asks me when it will rain. If I still drove, I’d probably drive for Uber, although they don’t give you a hat.

Amazing how things come full circle like that…