“Voluntary Cooperation”… #socs

The word cooperation (and its various forms) always looks to me like it should be pronounced “coop-er-ate.” I’ve seen it spelled co-operation or coöperation so you can tell that the “coop” is actually two syllables, but I wonder how many people get confused by it. That’s the English language for you: thousands of rules, and thousands of exceptions to them. It’s kind of like Federal law.

Which brings me to the topic of emergency broadcasting, one of my favorites because the weekly Emergency Broadcast System tests used to frighten me. The older I get, the funnier I think that is, because the Emergency Broadcast System was pretty much worthless. Most radio and TV stations wouldn’t use it for severe weather conditions, I think for fear that everyone would see the Civil Defense symbol and immediately think we were about to be blown to Kingdom Come. So the only time we were even aware of the existence of the EBS was the one time a week that a station had to do their weekly test, if we happened to be watching.

If you watched the video, you’ll notice that they talk about “voluntary cooperation” with Federal, State and local authorities. As AE5D notes on his page, there was nothing “voluntary” about complying with the law. He’s got copies of all the pages of the FCC Regulations (now obsolete) that discuss the EBS, and nowhere does it state “you can run a weekly test when you feel like it.” Of course, I doubt that they had someone sitting in an office with a radio, listening to or watching a station to ensure that they were doing it. Nothing precluded a station with just writing down “yeah, we did it” on their weekly log that had to be available should an FCC representative show up and demand to see it, except for the threat of legal action if they didn’t (and there was hell to pay if the station said they had and they hadn’t).

Oh the things we do to keep the bureaucrats happy…

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