Monday’s Music Moves Me: Indian Summer

So, today’s assignment from Robin, our guest conductor for this month, is “songs of the season, either Halloween or autumn.”

The way I see it, autumn is two-thirds over. It started September 1, which yes, I know is not the official (i.e. astronomical) first day of fall, but as far as the weather people are concerned, that’s when it starts. After all, in most normal parts of the country, that’s when it starts getting cooler, and by December 1, winter kicks in, with its snow and temperatures that are colder than a penguin’s butt…

This year, it stayed in the 90’s (which for all you centigrade/Celsius fans is temperatures from 32-37) until the end of September, then abruptly turned cooler, so that now we actually have temperatures in the 60’s during the day and close to 50 at night. It’s almost as though we lost a month of autumn. But that’s okay.

Usually after the first time the temperatures dip below freezing, we’re rewarded with a warm period called Indian summer, or, if you prefer, Native American summer. Guess it’s not politically correct to call it that. There’s a famous cartoon called “Injun Summer” (more of an illustrated story, really) that was printed in the Chicago Tribune for many years (1907-1992) that they’d drag out of the vault and print in the Sunday magazine around this time.

“Indian Summer” is a popular name for songs. I went looking on YouTube and found ten of them, and we all know that ten is a playlist.

The artists in this list, all singing their version of “Indian Summer,” are:

  1. Brooks & Dunn
  2. The Doors
  3. Stereophonics
  4. Gatlin Brothers, Roy Orbison, and Barry Gibb
  5. Sarah Vaughan
  6. Simon Phillips and Protocol (Andy Timmons, Everette Harp, Steve Weingart, and Del Atkins)
  7. Gavin DeGraw
  8. Beat Happening
  9. Poco
  10. Tyler Hilton

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for October 28, 2019.

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Writer’s Workshop: Riffing on Fall

Image by Valentin Sabau from Pixabay

Happy Fall, or if you prefer, Happy Autumn! Hey, the weathermen all tell us that fall starts on September 1, so who am I to argue? Fall didn’t start on Sunday in Australia: they’re welcoming spring Down Under.

Jim Gaffigan has a funny thing about the first day of Fall. He’s got a funny thing for just about everything.

Weather Underground tells me that at 3 PM on Wednesday (when I’m writing this) it’s 92° (33° C) right now and feels like 98°. Obviously the weather didn’t get the memo. In some parts of the country the cooler temperatures have set in, and in a few places they’re battening down the hatches and preparing for the possibility of Hurricane Dorian hitting them. (Keep them in your thoughts and prayers, please.)

I hear Dorian, I don’t think about the hurricane; I think about Dorian mode. I promise I won’t get into it other than to say you can read about it here, or watch a few YouTube videos. It’s a mode that gets used in jazz improvisation a lot.

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Lisa Stansfield “Never Gonna Fall” on Spotify. Amazing coincidence.

Mary, who’s been in hibernation all summer, is starting to get her energy back. She doesn’t deal with the heat that well, but when the cooler temperatures arrive (which they did last week, just to tease us), she starts to feel better and more like doing things. I’m kind of the same way.

Enjoy your fall!