Writer’s Workshop: Instagram Faves

I follow almost 3000 Instagram account and a few hashtags as well. Here are a few of them.

Pete’s Chicago Pages

Pete Kastanes is from Chicago and frequently (almost daily) posts a picture of some product or business that no longer exists. He has an identical page, Vanished Chicagoland, on which he posts the same thigs, but for some reason I follow both. Maybe because he’s a friend I’ve never met, a kindred spirit who misses the Chicago I remember. He has a YouTube channel and has put together some fantastic videos.

Milo’s Sanctuary

Our days of being cat parents are coming to an end (although, please God, not anytime soon) and I’ve decided that the best way to cope when that day comes is to watch kitties through the Internet. I have a special place in my heart for older, sick, or cats who are “broken” in some way–abused, missing eyes or limbs, “developmentally challenged” (there is a feline form of Down syndrome, apparently), or with birth defects–and so do the people at Milo’s Sanctuary in beautiful downtown Burbank, California. Pictured is one of their stars, Sir Thomas Trueheart a/k/a Tommy. Tommy was abused (I won’t say how) and taken in by the folks at Milo’s, where he lives and thrives.


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Nothing but quality for the queen

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This is the Instagram account of Lamebook.com, which promises “the funniest and lamest of Facebook.” I never fail to get a laugh from it.

Timothy Miller (tenorlion)

Timothy Miller is an operatic tenor and professor of voice at Morehouse College in Atlanta whose avocation is singing “God Bless America” during the seventh-inning stretch at Sunday home games when the Braves are in town. He shows up in tuxedo, no matter how hot it is (and it can get very hot in Atlanta), and brings down the house any time he sings. Braves fans love him, and he loves the Braves and their fans.

Boop My Nose

Just something silly I started following. And yes, I boop the dogs on the nose.

Marvin Freeman

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Command and Changing Speeds makes Pitchers, Pitchers!

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Marvin is a retired pitcher who played for the Phillies, Braves, Rockies, and finished his career for hometown Chicago White Sox. He was a fan favorite in Atlanta, and since retiring has opened a pitching school for prep players. He shares pitching lessons, videos of himself as a player, and pictures of himself and other former major leaguers. Marvin grew up in Chicago and worked for Lyon & Healy making violin bows when he was in high school.


Nothing could convince me to move back to Chicago, but I do like seeing pictures of the place and remembering what it was like when I lived there. The hash tag #chitecture is for pictures that focus primarily on the architecture of the Windy City, a city that has some of the most interesting architecture in the world.

DGIM Studio

I follow a lot of graphic artists, many of whom share videos of the process of creating a logo or drawing. Even when my right hand was working, I couldn’t draw to save my life, which might be why I like to see the fruits of their labor.


I follow a few airlines, most recently Aeroflot, the Russian airline. Don’t forget their slogan, “На Аэрофлоте летный фильм смотрит на вас!” (“On Aeroflot, inflight movie watches you!”) I love Google Translate…


Yes, my favorite game show posts regularly to Instagram, as well as to Facebook and Twitter.

What are some of your faves?

Writer’s Workshop: Instagram Mania!

Our prompt for today is:

Share your favorite photo you posted on Instagram this month and give us the back story.

As some of you might remember, I rebuilt my Instagram account recently. I kept all the guitar players and other musicians, a whole bunch of people who post cat pictures, pictures of Chicago (which I still consider to be one of the most beautitful cities elsewhere, though I’m beyond the point of wanting to move back), and the accounts of blogging buddies.

I don’t take pictures myself. My left hand, which does most of the work, doesn’t hold my phone steady enough to take pictures. We have a digital camera, but all the controls are on the right side of the camera, and I no longer have the fine motor skills in my right hand to press the button. So most of what I had been uploading have been the badges I’ve acquired by being really good at Two Dots, like this one, that I won just yesterday.

Knowing this makes for a dismal account, I decided to use the account to post all the funny stuff that I’ve collected from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Imgur and from blog posts I have enjoyed. There’s quite a lot of it, some of which uses not-too-nice language, but I’ve found a few and shared them. Most are on the order of this one.

And this.

My favorite, though, is a tie between this one

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I reached this point about 20 years ago…

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and this

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One more. Good night!

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and, of course, this.

If you like this kind of funny stuff, follow me over there, and I’ll follow you back. My new rule is to follow everyone who follows me or leaves a like or comment on a post, except for the ones left by the “get a bazillion new followers on Instagram!” accounts.

New Instagram Account!

Designed by Freepik

I got an Instagram account a while back, and as people are often wont to do, I went a little crazy following people. Anyway, the other day I was looking at my timeline, and started asking myself, “Did I actually follow them?” I started deleting the users one by one, which is a time-consuming task becaue every time you try and delete someone, it comes back and asks “Are you sure you want to delete them?” Finally, last night I said “screw this,” set up a new account, and copied the users I wanted to follow from my old one (because I couldn’t find a way to do it with a bulk add, which would have taken twenty minutes and everything would be hunky-dory). Eventually (I said on my old account I was going to do it tomorrow, but I managed to hit a ceiling and they won’t let me follow any more until Sunday) I’ll delete the old account.

Anyway, the social media widget on the upper right now points at my new Instagram account, if you want to follow me there.

If the powers that be that run Instagram (who are the same powers that be that run Facebook) would stop trying to decide for me what I want to see and just give me everything in chronological order, this wouldn’t have been necessary, but no….

Writer’s Workshop: Ten More Instagram Accounts

I can never resist the prompt “List the top 10 Instagrammers you’re loving this month.” I’ver done similar lists here and here, and wanted to make sure I didn’t repeat any like I did the last time. So now, if you’re quite ready, let’s begin…

lickwars Videos of people jamming on the guitar. It’s amazing how far guitar players have come in technical ability. Not that I ever had that much technical ability…

history_in_pictures As the name implies, historical pictures, captioned so you know what you’re looking at.

mimo_and_kirry As I said the last time I did this exercise, I follow a lot of cats. As the number of furkids dwindles here, I can always look at others.

tinaguocello I first saw Tina Guo in a video with Yvette Young. She’s an amazing cellist and a very glamorous young woman.

xdebbie.pearlx Debbie Acenas is a guitar player of considerable talent, and is the mother of a little one who appears sometimes in her pictures.


gretchenmenn Another very talented woman guitar player.

punsworld You like puns? You’ll like these.


i.kuskus.you Another kitty account, this one from Russia. The descriptions are in Russian, but that doesn’t matter. The pictures and videos are a riot.


venice_life600 and santamonicafun This takes a little explanation: My company used to have an office in west L. A., and the hotels we would stay at were in Santa Monica, down by the ocean. One day I finished class early, and having nothing better to do, I walked over to Santa Monica pier. I spent about an hour there, then decided to take a walk along the ocean. I just kept walking and walking and ended up at Venice Beach, which seemed to me like quite a distance even though it’s only a couple of miles. Hey, even then I wasn’t in the best shape, though I could really hike when I got it in my head.

I have an Instagram account as well, where I post all the badges of challenges I’ve completed on Two Dots. I have a bunch of images that I’ve saved over the years from Facebook and the like. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a way to upload them from a desktop computer. I’ll have to find a way around that…

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little traipse through some of my favorite Instagram accounts. Looking forward to seeing which ones you come up with.