Loses Something In The Interpretation #socs

Fair warning: I’m working on my Kindle Fire, so things might look a tad strange. Plus, since I’m on the Fire, I’m going to use Markdown to write this.

Remember when Jimmy Carter went to Poland years ago (sometime in the late Seventies)? During a speech, his interpreter translated something like “I like the Polish people” into “I lust for Polish women.” I’m not sure if that was exactly the story, but you get the idea.

Ever look at a page in a foreign language after it’s been through Google Translate, and think “what are they talking about?” Admittedly, it does a pretty good job most of the time, but it’s limited to just converting the words and maybe getting them in the right order, but it’s a literal translation, with no attempt at recognizing idioms. If you try communicating with another person who speaks the language, it can cause problems.

And then there’s always something like this…


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