Monday’s Music Moves Me: Maneli Jamal

Another Freebie Monday gives me an opportunity to introduce another guitarist I found at first on Instagram, which pointed me to his YouTube page and his Spotify stream. According to his biography on his website, Maneli Jamal has lived in Iran, Belarus, Germany, the US, and Canada, and moved twenty times by the time he was 18. He’s recorded seven albums since 2006, and won numerous awards, which can all be seen on the biography page.

I kept the song samples down to six and included an interview he did with from 2011, where he talks about having taken some time off to deal with tendinitis in his right hand from playing hours at a time and plays a couple of songs.

  1. “Kora” from his Singles album.
  2. “Running Fox Trail” from his as yet unreleased album Waves of Lake Orta, due out later this year.
  3. “A Boy’s Echo” from his 2016 release The Mardom Movement.
  4. “Nine Year Residence” from 2012’s The Lamaj Movement.
  5. “Homespun” also from The Lamaj Movement.
  6. “Movement I: Norym” from 2009’s The Ziur Movement.
  7. The interview with Jeff from Maneli plays “The Ceremony” (which so far hasn’t appeared on an album) and one other song I don’t recognize.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Maneli Jamal!

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