Writer’s Workshop: Cum On, Feel The Noize

I don’t generally get into podcasts. If they’re longer than ten minutes, I get antsy and want to listen to something else. One podcast that doesn’t make me antsy is TMSoft’s White Noise Sleep Sounds podcast.

Source: TMSoft

I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions that I have a problem with tinnitus, a constant ringing in my ears (particularly the right one) that can keep me awake at night, or that can interfere with my thoughts while I’m sitting at the computer. My solution is to play white noise at bedtime or while I’m trying to work. What I call “white noise” is background noise; it can be anything from the sound of rain to the sound of a crowd, from fire crackling to a cat purring, the sound of the highway as you drive along on the open road or the roar of the engines from inside an airplane or the constant clickety-clack of a train. When I was in hotels, the sound of the TV in the room next to mine made excellent white noise. Fans and appliances are particularly good at generating it, as is an AM radio that’s tuned to the static between stations.

TMSoft has an app called White Noise, which comes in a pro version that allows you to record your own sounds and download sounds from their market for free (as well as removing the ads). Their podcast is an hour-long sample of one of the sounds that’s featured in their extensive library. While I’ve been writing this, I’ve been listening to a sound called “Dishwasher Rinsing”; next up is “Amazon Jungle,” though I might skip that and go to “Rain on Car Roof.” It’s nice to have variety.

There are lots of white noise apps available for iOS and Android phones. For that matter, there are at least a dozen websites that generate white noise (my particular favorite among them is MyNoise) and a lot of YouTube videos that play white noise, some of them for 8-10 hours. Try some and see what you think.

By the way, the title of this post is a song by the band Slade

Oh, the garbage we listened to in the ’70’s… we loved it…

When Noise Is Quieter Than Silence #socs

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The closest I get to silence is a ringing in my ears (particularly the right ear) in an otherwise-silent room. I find I have to block it out using white noise, like this…

I won’t blame you if you don’t listen until the end: it’s 10 hours of white noise and you probably have better things to do.

I was about to get into a long discussion of the different kinds of noise and into areas such as isochronic tones and binaural beats, but I think I’ll hold those for another time. Besides, I’ve talked about this on several occasions.

You’re welcome!

Seriously, there are all kinds of resources that are available, from websites to recordings to noise generators that you can download to your phone. There are noise machines that will play the sound of the ocean all night. Heck, you can just get a fan and put in the room where you’re sleeping or trying to focus on something.

You know what works well? The sounds of an airport terminal, a crowded restaurant, or appliances running.

I should put together a list of resources when I’m not limited to a minimum of research…

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