BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Rhythm of the Rain” (International Division) Results

Almost let this slip…

My most recent Battle of the Bands was between two international versions of the song “Rhythm of the Rain,” a French version done by Sylvie Vartan and a Dutch one done by Rob de Nijs. Voting was a little light, maybe because of the A to Z Challenge, but here are the results:

Sylvie Vartan: 3

Rob de Nijs: 5

Congratulations to Rob and a pat on the back to Sylvie.

I’ll be sitting out the nest round of BotB, mostly because I think everyone is busy with the A to Z Challenge, and I know for certain I am. We’ll pick things back up on May 1. See you then!

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Rhythm Of The Rain,” International Division

You’re probably thinking, “But John, you’ve already done ‘Rhythm of the Rain’!” and yes, in fact I have, in June of 2015. This battle is different, because the two contestants are doing non-English versions of the song.

CONTESTANT #1: Sylvie Vartan, “En ├ęcoutant la pluie” Sylvie recorded this French version in 1963, and it topped the chart in France.

CONTESTANT #2: Rob de Nijs, “Ritme van de regen” Dutch teen idol de Nijs recorded this as a B side, and it became popular anyway.

So, which of these do you like better? Listen to both, decide which is more pleasing to your ears, and vote for it by leaving me a comment below. If you want to expound on why you like that one better, feel free! Then, how’s about visiting the other BotB participants and voting in their battles, too?

I’ll announce the winner of this week’s contest next Monday, April 8, so be sure and get your vote to me by then.

The lines are now open. Bonne chance, Sylvie! Veel succes, Rob!

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Rhythm of the Rain” Results


Last Monday, my most recent Battle pitted rock legend Neil Sedaka against Australian actor and singer Jason Donovan with their versions of The Cascades’ “Rhythm of the Rain.” I figured the vote would be a pretty close one. I was wrong. This one wasn’t even close:

Neil Sedaka: 3
Jason Donovan: 14

I think the general consensus was that people didn’t like Sedaka’s version at all. They didn’t like the disco setting, nor did they like the liberties he took with the melody, and they thought he sounded like a girl. A few of you said that you thought you’d vote for him but ended up voting for Jason. At least one person termed Neil’s version “annoying.” I have to agree; this was simply not Neil’s song. Even if he had made his version close to the original, I think the vote would have been similar.

Anyway, congratulations to Jason Donovan.

The next Battle of the Bands is a week from Wednesday, on July 1. No idea what I’ll be doing for that, but tune in for the next battle then.

BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Rhythm of the Rain”


“Rhythm of the Rain” was a song written by John Claude Gummoe of The Cascades, who recorded and released it in November 1962. It rose as high as #3 on the Hot 100, and #1 on the Easy Listening charts. I’m sure you’ve heard it, but in the event you haven’t, here’s the original recording.

I should probably point out that, as it’s the original version, it’s not part of the battle. I just put it here in case you’ve never heard it, or forgot about it. Here are your choices:

CONTESTANT #1: Neil Sedaka

Neil is one of the great singers and songwriters of the early 1960’s. His popularity waned somewhat during the British Invasion and late 1960’s, but came roaring back in the mid-1970’s. His version of the song was released on his 1984 album Come See About Me. As a single, it reached #37 on the Adult Contemporary chart in the US.

CONTESTANT #2: Jason Donovan

Australian actor and singer Jason Donovan recorded the song for his 1989 album Between The Lines. It was released as a single in 1990 and rose as high as #9 in the UK and #6 in Ireland.


Which of these two versions of “Rhythm of the Rain” was your favorite, Sedaka’s disco-tinged release or Donovan’s late 1980’s pop version? Vote below in the comments, and give us a little hint as to why you liked that version the best. Then, after you’ve voted, be sure and stop by these blogs, many of which are also doing Battles this week, and hear what they have to offer.

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As always, even though most people vote within the first 48 hours after the battle is released, I’ll announce the winner next Monday, June 22. See you then!