Hey, Short Timer! #socs

More appropriate for November, I suppose. I just get a kick out of this.

I complain a lot about the semiannual adjustment of the clocks, but what can you do, aside from demand that the laws be changed to do away with it?

Daylight Saving Time starts at 2 AM tomorrow morning, when it magically becomes 3 AM. Now, that’s 2 AM local time, which means after we in Atlanta have set our clocks ahead one hour, we’ll be two hours ahead of Chicago, three hours ahead of Denver, and four hours ahead of Los Angeles. Since Arizona (except the Native American reservations) doesn’t observe Daylight Saving Time, we’ll stay four hours ahead of them until November, when we do the whole thing in reverse.

Anyway, for most of us, tomorrow is a short day (23 hours), made up for by a long day (25 hours) in November. For a nonexistent entity, time sure is a pain in the ass.


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