The Week That Was, End of May Edition

The Week That Was

End of May already! Time seems to just zip by these days.

I have now been blogging daily for eleven months, so at the end of June we should have some kind of celebration, right?

Anyway, let’s see what we covered this week…

  • Monday was Memorial Day, both the day we in the US honor those killed in war and the unofficial starting gun for summer. I talked about the Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1968, which moved Memorial Day and sevral other holidays to the Monday closest to the original day, and how veterans’ groups were not happy that Memorial Day was moved to the last Monday of May from May 30. As I told Susan Gourley, who remarked that she was happy Veterans’ Day was returned to November 11, that national holidays were simply an excuse for white sales anymore. Sad, but true.
  • Tuesday‘s featured artist was drawn again from artists of the British Invasion, the lovely Lulu, whose first hit record, a cover of the Isley Brothers’ “Shout,” was released when she was a bonnie wee lassie of 15. Typing that sentence reminded me that I never mentioned that she was from Glasgow. Still performing, still a beautiful small woman with a huge voice. I chose not to include her biggest hit, “To Sir With Love,” in favor of another US hit of hers, “Oh Me Oh My.” Thanks for not leaving comments asking “Why didn’t you include ‘To Sir With Love’?” I did link to it, and I do love the song. Sometimes I think I should make it Three for Tuesday, or move it to Thursday and make it Three for Thursday. You may vote for your preference in the comments.
  • I took time on Wednesday to vent my spleen about the alleged search engine optimization “experts” who leave several poorly-written comments every week chiding me for my lack of attention to SEO and offering me an overpriced plugin (which I can’t install anyway, because doesn’t allow free bloggers to install plugins) that promises to solve all of my present and future problems. Kern Windwraith remarked that the business model must work for the spammers (which is what they are), or they’d have given up long ago. Lauralynn Elliot pointed out, rightly, that writing good content is the secret to good SEO.
  • Thursday was YouTube‘s tenth birthday, which gave me an excuse to choose my ten favorite channels of the 200 or so I’m subscribed to, a mere microcosm of the hundreds of thousands of channels out there. We owe a debt of gratitude to the people who have established channels and loaded videos to the service. You can quite literally learn thousands of subjects from the videos that experts have created and uploaded to it, and I wouldn’t have anything to write about without it. I, too, have a channel out there with two videos: a demo of how I simulcast this blog on both WordPress and Blogger, and a minute-long video showing the RCA Indian-head test card accompanied by a steady 400Hz tone. Yeah, I’m weird.
  • I did another of Mama Kat’s prompts on Friday, talking about the time I was summoned to the principal’s office and everyone in the school heard it because the principal didn’t know how to use the PA system. She merely summoned me to give me something to take home to my mother because she and Mom had been talking about it at a Glenola Club meeting. (That was the women’s club at the parish, which stood at the corner of Glenwood and Loyola Avenues, hence the name.)
  • The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was “almost,” and it immediately brought to mind Chuck Berry’s song “Almost Grown,” so I wrote about Chuck Berry, now almost 89 years old and, Damien Riley informs me, still performing. As I told Lori Carlson, Chuck, like BB King, is a national treasure. And he can still play the guitar like ringing a bell.

Coming up this week: a new Battle of the Bands tomorrow featuring a song by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, another Two for Tuesday and Thursday Ten, Stream of Conscious Saturday, and other assorted craziness. Be sure and vote on my potential programming change as regards my Tuesday and Thursday features. Your choices are:

  1. Keep it Two for Tuesday, as it is today.
  2. Change it to Three for Tuesday.
  3. Swap Two for Tuesday and the Thursday Ten, expand it to three songs, and make the features The Tuesday Ten and Three for Thursday.
  4. Something completely different.

Thanks again for reading the blog, and I’ll see you around!